Do you tip on $110k of wine? #richkids

The latest tumblr to break out is Rich Kids of Instagram. If you’re on the fence about whether to repeal the estate tax at the highest levels, just surf on over to the site. Wine features quite prominently in the douchebaggery, such as the photo of a girl clad in a polo shirt, pouring Dom Perignon off a dock into the open mouth of a boy in the water while someone does a naked swan dive in the background.

And there’s this bill for 16 people who consumed 90,000 euros worth of wine at dinner in St. Tropez. (Dom Perignon again! If you’re spending an unconscionable amount on wine, there has to be some DRC in the mix, right?!?). This is a glaring example of how wine can boost a check at a restaurant in a way that beer or cocktails (or food though the caviar is certainly doing its best) never could. Do they tip on that? Well, in Europe, service is included in the bill. And, in this case, so is about $20,000 of VAT.

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8 Responses to “Do you tip on $110k of wine? #richkids”

  1. Hey, at least they helped the local economy. I suppose that’s one nice thing to say. 🙂

  2. Seems like a fake to me, even in Saint-Tropez.
    There is no date on the ticket and restaurant registration number, it is mandatory in France.
    BTW: the VAT and the tip have nothing in common.
    VAT is like tax state.
    Tip is always included in France and EU in general.

    7,000 EUR / person, for just caviar, fish/lobster and Dom Perignon Rosé (at 10,000 EUR / 75 cl) seems ridiculous even in best, hottes clubs on French Riviera.

    Called the “Sexiest Place on Earth,” by the London Observer and recently earning the coveted #1 spot on the Travel Channel’s World’s Sexiest Beach Bars list

    Please note it is a company registered in the US running operations in trendy places all around the world.

    Now, if someone has billions, I don’t see any problem if they agree to pay 25 times the price for anything. It is a fair way to redistribute wealth.

  3. Hi Erix,

    Here’s another picture of the receipt where you can see more of it, including the VAT breakdown (two levels, one for food and one for wine, apparently):

    Clearly, VAT and gratuity are two separate things, both included in the final bill in France.

  4. I want to know what they paired the Cokes with.

  5. Yes but the idiots paid 810 EURO for a big lobster, of course they were taken for the wine 😉

  6. y’know, if you’re spending a hundred grand on dinner, i think you can afford a nice tip.

    and while i would like to insult their wine choices, anyone who orders two jerabaums and a methusala of champagne is alright with me (but i do hope the restaurant bought those wines from rudy k)

  7. Who the hell was drinking Coke? They spelled cappuccino wrong – which shouldn’t be consumed after 11:46am. Otherwise, everything looks fine.

  8. That’s a hell of a table if you’re a waiter. I’d think my wife, as a teacher would be envious of the pay check coming after that


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