Bluff the reader – tasting note edition

It’s time for bluff the reader! To those at Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, bear in mind that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. One of these tasting notes and author combinations below is true, the others are false. Hit the comments with the right answer!

A) “Acrid aroma of seared steak, hot metal and welding fumes.” -Gary Vaynerchuk’s description of a cabernet franc from Gary, Indiana.

B) “Imagine having to choose between your ideal fantasy sexual partner and this wine–-and you choose [the wine]! That’s how good it is.” -Antonio Galloni on the $2,500-a-bottle Krug Clos d’Ambonnay.

C) “Usefully light. Not heavy. Not tired. Go for it! In private, of course.” -Jancis Robinson on Gallo Family Vineyard Moscato.

D) “Tastes like the urine of Satan after a hefty portion of asparagus.” -HoseMaster of Wine in a roundup tasting of California sauvignon blancs.

Answers to follow…

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20 Responses to “Bluff the reader – tasting note edition”

  1. I’d like to go with Gary Vee, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the ‘urine of Satan w/ asparagus’ remark before… So, HoseMaster it is!

  2. D. The Hoser is no poser.

  3. Sorry, Frank, D is my note on Donaghy Estates sparkling wine.

  4. I’m sayin’ B.

  5. I’m also sayin’ B

  6. I’m saying B all the way!

  7. Definitely B.

  8. I think D is true. I seem to remember it – hard to forget.

  9. I like the “Satan Pee” discription.
    I’ve had wines like that.

  10. It’s D — the Hosemaster of wine impersonating RP Jr

  11. It’s Jancis. D is definitely RMPjr re: Donaghy, and B is Jay Miller on something other than Champagne. A is too out there even for GaryVee.

  12. it’s D and i love it!

  13. Agree with Jill, it’s gotta be C.

  14. Tough one. I almost went with B but Galloni does not strike me that way. Gotta go with D

  15. my favorite is (c), but my guess is (d)

  16. Gotta be Jancis. Galloni wouldn’t be that graphic. D is Donaghy. Though I guess it could be A, but I have little experience with Indiana Cab Francs. I love the descriptors.

  17. If I wrote D, I don’t remember it. I write so much of that crap. But it’s nice to be such a household name alongside Gary V, Galloni and Jancis. And if I didn’t write it, nice job with the impression of me, Tyler!

    I did once catch a bunch of flak from a winery for writing that their Sauvignon Blanc tasted like it was a blend of 75% Sauvignon Blanc and 25% Visine.

  18. C, Jancis’ June 29th Wine Of The Week.

  19. This note from the Hosemaster is true. Way too easy. Can I get Tyler Colman to record my answering machine message?

  20. Hi all – so great to see so many of you participating in this goofy little challenge. You do like you some good bluffin’!

    A big congratulations to Jill who took a break from her vinous tour de NYC to participate–C was the correct answer. And she nailed the other ones too (though D was only fictitiously credited to RMPjr on 30 Rock). Caleb and Pedro Dias also got it.

    A) was what actually sparked the idea for me: the odors are actually those of outer space. Take a look at this news story.

    B) The tasting note is actually a Jay Miller review of the Cayuse Bionic Frog, which he gave 99 points. Seems odd to have a fantasy and rate it only 99 points…

    C) is Jancis’ real review of Gallo Moscato. See it here.

    D) is from 30 Rock, not HoseMaster (though you should do more tasting note parody, Ron!).

    Sorry, Doug, no answering machine message! But thanks for playing.


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