Liver battle: French politician says “non” to California wine

California banned the sale and production of foie grasas of July 1. Now, a politician in the heart of a foie gras-producing region of France is hitting back: by calling for a boycott of California wine…Ooh, that will bring the industry to its knees!!

As silly as it is to boycott foreign coal in Newcastle, as it were, this is the first time that I recall American wine as the object of a foreign boycott. Sure, whenever diplomatic feathers are ruffled between France and the US, such as the 2003 showdown in the UN, French wine gets dumped down drains in protest. But when foreigners object to US policies, they usually boycott our larger consumer brands, such as Coca Cola or McDonald’s. So this ignominy is a historic first even if it has no economic impact.

Good thing the politician didn’t call to action another California industry that his constituents might have, er, found a little more difficult to swallow: boycotting Hollywood movies.

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8 Responses to “Liver battle: French politician says “non” to California wine”

  1. In general i would rather sit with a dog than people, they’re much more interesting and actually pay attention unlike most people. And as for Foie gras i can take or leave it. But my concern is the looniness of the left coast will actually surface in a civilized part of the country and we’ll have more government interference in our lives. Where does it end? If people are allowed to vote with their feet and not buy the product it would solve itself, but not where the self absorbed judgemental Californicators are involved.

  2. I really wonder if the PETA folks have ever been to a Foie farm? It’s not forced stuffings and caged animals that are waiting for their liver to explode.

    The government influence is unreal. Cigarettes are legal but Foie Gras is not? If the wine biz wasn’t such a large part of the Banana Republic economy of the state, I wouldn’t be surprised if groups got the state to listen to prohibition talks.

    I am in LA this week and have heard from restaurants that they can give it away but not charge for it. ($20 brioche toast with blueberry compote and here is your side of complimentary butter and Foie gras…)

  3. Since I don’t drink California wine when I’m in France and I don’t like foie gras, neither of these boycots affect me at all. I do feel for the geese. If you kill an animal for food you don’t have to torture it first.

  4. Torture is a strong word. If that was the case then we would all be vegetarian or at the very least succumb to free range and organic proteins only. The commercial poultry and beef business makes the small artisan Foie Gras operation look like a tofu plant. Chickens breaking their legs due to hormones, etc.

  5. I can’t think of two worse behaved groups of people Californians and the French.

  6. i saw a chicken truck on the highway the other day, and it made me sad. the foie gras ban feels like a symbolic move, full of righteous indignation, signifying nothing

  7. […] the “interesting news” department, here are few things for you. First, an interesting short post by Dr. Vino – it appears that French politician is proposing to ban California wine as a response to Foie […]

  8. Viva Los pinche freedom fries!!!


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