DRC Lafite Languedoc! [China]

Simon Staples, aka @BigSiTheWineGuy who is sales director and Bordeaux buyer for Berry, Bros & Rudd, tweeted this photo. Notice anything amiss? Here were his comments:

Romanee Conti and Lafite together? In a “Vin Rouge Sec”? From the Languedoc? Here it is!…..Gotta be a 100 pointer!!

He added in response to a commenter that he was sent the bottle from China, adding “Could be a bit of a fakeO methinks. Very inventive!”

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11 Responses to “DRC Lafite Languedoc! [China]”

  1. Is someone blind here? The label may say Romanee – Conti, which is outrageous, but “France Lafei” is hardly “Lafite,” nor is “Vin Blanc Sec,” “Vin Rouge Sec.”

  2. Yeah, I don’t quite see where the Lafite connection comes in. France Lafei Group is a wine exporter that specifically markets French wine in China. Now, as to whether DRC is producing a white Coteaux du Languedoc…. perhaps it’s a relabeling of their Domaine du Grand Crés white, or maybe something produced specifically for the Chinese market? Or, it could be a fake.

  3. Just looking at the label more closely and realized that although it has “Vin Blanc Sec” in big letters, the little seal says “Vin Rouge Sec” – so would definitely lean towards the fake….

  4. And what is “Mis en Montpellier”?

  5. This has been bouncing around for a while. The Lafite connection, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is the famous arrow logo:


  6. You have more of a chance of getting a fake wine from or in China than getting an authentic wine.

  7. send this to (1) http://www.engrish.com/ and (2) david henry hwang http://chinglishbroadway.com/

  8. I have started a collection of fake labels from China, I have never seen this one yet. If the seller piles on lots of names and symbols a person with little or no euro language skill may only recognize one or two names, BINGO a sale.

  9. Thanks, all! So much win!

  10. Has anyone actually tasted this? In all the wine shops I’ve visited, never have I come across this bottle. I’m inclined to think that this might be a fake after all.

  11. From Chairman of the Académie des Vins et de la Gastronomie Française.

    There is no point to comment on that bottle. It is a fake and moreover a stupid fake from a total ignorant (as usual I should say)! Once again a distributor who want to make money thanks to what somebody else has created. The only way to preserve the consumer from these rapacious is to bring up the knowledge of the buyers and consumers.When Chineses people will drink wine because they like it and not in order to show off their money these thieves will die by themselves and chinese will drink good wines at a reasonable price. First lesson is to enjoy the wine in the glass and not the money it represents. Best to all the wine lovers of you. XL


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