Counterfeiting, hail, cooked wine, vin de soif — sipped and spit

MULLED: if you don’t have #RudyFatigue, there are lots of counterfeiting/Rudy Kurniawan details in a first-hand account from a NY collector. [oldvinenotes]

SPIT: the end
Laurent Ponsot tells the NYT that “The [counterfeiting] story is not at the end. This is just a beginning.”

COOKED: any wine in a UPS truck in NY today–or an unrefrigerated delivery truck bringing wine to a store or restaurant. Cooked wine > corked wine > counterfeit wine?

APPLAUDED: Laurent Ponsot is combatting not only fraud, but also heat in shipping! Awesome. See above image curtesy of @corkhoarder.

OFFERED: Condolences
A hailstorm that was so bad that it wiped out not only all of this year’s crop, but also a third of next year’s? It sounds like a headline from The Onion, but it was really from about the Aube region in Champagne.

DISCUSSED: Crushpad, the custom crush facility that started at a warehouse in downtown San Francisco, appears to facing a financial cliff. Lew Perdue had a back-and-forth with their CEO. [wineindustryinsight]

SIPPED: two hybrid wineries are opening in southeast Portland, one with an “enopub.” [Oregonlive]

GULPED: vin de soif. They love it in Toronto! Thanks/merci, Beppi! []

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4 Responses to “Counterfeiting, hail, cooked wine, vin de soif — sipped and spit”

  1. Sadly, Laurent Ponsot’s, heat sensitive dots do not seem to work. I have had several bottles with unquestionable provenance, which after consuming, I placed next to a hot fire place. No change to dot.

  2. Nah–a real “Onion” headline would have wiped out a third of LAST year’s crop.

  3. Outerupt – Hmm, that does sound like a malfunction. Maybe let M. Ponsot know? He seems to be quite concerned that consumers get real bottles in the best condition.

    Bill – Yes, perhaps so…

  4. Looks like the wine industry in Burgundy at least, is back to square one. One more addition to my list of “who not to trust”. Except for M. Ponsot of course.


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