Tony Parker vs Robert Parker

Tony Parker is at the height of his game, bringing his own THUNDER by hitting an eye-popping 76% of his jump shots Tuesday night. It turns out that the three-time NBA champion and star of the San Antonio Spurs is–wait for it–French! So the inquiring wine mind wants to know–who is more popular in France, Tony Parker or Robert Parker, recipient of the Légion d’honneur? And will they ever go head to head in Paris, a battle Parker royale (with cheese?) via a game of HORSE followed by a blind tasting of French wines? Here’s what the tweeps had to say:

RT @lagramiere: @drvino Definitely Tony…
RT @glarange72: @drvino haha! I hope Tony!
RT @whyknowinphilly: @drvino Trey Parker!!!
RT @TishWine: @drvino Actually, in Paris, hoopsters play CHEVAL… And the winning Parker would no doubt be Tony.
RT @nicholaskolnik: @TishWine @drvino To even the odds at CHEVAL, maybe an extensive tasting should be done first. #NoSpitting
RT @TweetAWine: depends on the Region 😉 RT @drvino: I wonder who is more popular in France, Robert Parker or Tony Parker?
RT @serewine: @drvino Robert more famous, Tony probably more loved 😉
RT @amybcleary: @drvino It is an Olympic year. I’d think that would give an advantage to Tony. I’d watch HORSE followed by a blind tasting.
RT @VictordelaSerna: @drvino Do you have to ask? Le Tony, he da man. And he owns one of the best basketball clubs in France.
RT @GDWine: @drvino Ask me again when RP is featured in multi-million dollars advertising deals. Until then, Tony for sure.

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4 Responses to “Tony Parker vs Robert Parker”

  1. In France, Robert Parker appeals to few. Tony on the other side is KING!

  2. Two points we must consider:
    1) Where one lives….RP probably bigger in America than France
    2) How much do you like Eva Longoria? My wife would vote for anyone before TP because of that whole mess

  3. When we hosted Coach Popovich and Sean Elliot for a charity DRC tasting in Chicago in 2005, he mentioned that Tony was the only player on the squad who wanted to join us. Apparently the two of them enjoy sharing good bottles together. I extended an invite, but “Pop” winked and insisted that there was no way he’d encourage a player to go drinking the night before a game. Truth be told, Pop had way too much class to bring someone to a tasting like that unannounced, or even on short notice.

  4. They’re two very different people. It’s like comparing basketball and wine. I couldn’t say which the French love the most.


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