Chateau Latour to halt futures – what do you think??

Chateau Latour to halt en primeur

After the 2011 vintage Chateau Latour, owned by billionaire Francois Pinault, will not pre-sell their wine as futures. What do you think?

“That’s great. It’s good to see a billionaire doing the right thing for a change by not ripping off millionaires. Also, Salma Hayek is hot.”
-Mandy Street, Occupier

“I’m disappointed. Now when I boast on eBob that I bought all the (98-100)-point wines before the scores come out, it won’t include Latour.”
-Mark S. Quire, Systems Analyst

“Is Chateau Latour the one with the kangaroo on it?”
-Bruce Babcock, undergrad

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6 Responses to “Chateau Latour to halt futures – what do you think??”

  1. Jim Budd seems to think it’s a good idea.

  2. I would not buy an unfinished wine, unless I tasted it myself and could form an opinion regarding it’s possible qualitative evolution.

  3. When will the wine world understand that en Primeur has little to no relevance to the finished product in Bordeaux ? When will Mr Parker halt evaluating wines that are not finished ? Why does a winery such as Château Latour come up with this idea now ? How many more of such “heretic” questions do you need ?

  4. It sounds as thought the ramifications of this are unclear but scary for those in the wine business. I guess this is why Francois Pinault is a billionaire.

  5. Dr. V, great use of the onion stock “man on the street photos.”

    On Latour, yawn, Latour is a wine unicorn that only exists in legends at this point. They could say they were going to send all future wine produced at their estate to be aged in Newt Gingrich’s moon colony and I would still be challenged to care less.

  6. PS. After some consideration, I realize that Château Latour will pocket a LOT of money, because they won’t sell at the less expensive primeur prices.

    They will decide when and how much Latour will enter the market. This is great for controlling supply and demand.

    Now, will those who like to speculate hold a grudge?


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