Ten refreshing wines for after a ride – Bicycling.com

I love cycling. I live in the rolling country of Westchester County, NY and one of the perks of the freelance life is having the flexibility to rack up the miles on two wheels.

I also love a good craft beer. As do the editors of Bicycling magazine who write often about many delicious brews to pop after a ride. While beer is refreshing, it’s not the only drink in town: head over to Bicycling.com for my list of “10 refreshing post-ride wines.” It was a fun assignment, blending two of my passions. Given that we’ve had a mild winter here, the list focuses on lower-alcohol and higher acidity wines. I only included one full-bodied wine but it is still refreshing in its category.

Do you cycle? Do you ever pull a cork after a ride? Or after a ride and a recovery drink?

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17 Responses to “Ten refreshing wines for after a ride – Bicycling.com”

  1. Well I usually crave whites

    and for me that would be a nice Muscadet or Bubbles

  2. I assume Red Bicyclette Pinot featured heavily?

  3. Of course!!! Best (favorites are) drinks after a good ride are Fat tire ales, Clos Roche Blanches and Morantin wines, and any gang of four (or similar) Beaujolais Cru wines!

  4. Strong rides should be followed by proper meal for quick recovery. Beer is preferable to wine in this case (IF craving for alcohol is huge).

    If riding more than 40 miles on MTB with thick tyres i beg you to not drink wine before a full massage session after lots of fluids and decent food.

    Reading wine politics for the second time. Great stuff.

  5. I hope the elliptical machine is exercise enough to warrant a glass of wine. However, I don’t usually drink before 5:00(PM), and my exercise is done well before that, or I don’t get it in. The wines sounded scrumptious though.

  6. Not even after a ride like the Golden Apple.

  7. I have been loving the weather this winter as last year was a complete white-out for riding. I must admit my immediate drink of choice has been a mug of hot chocolate to take the chill off and recover. When seeking wine it’s usually something along the lines of vinho verde or a dry riesling: low alcohol and plenty of refreshment.

  8. i usually go for a cheap french rose after a good bike ride. and of course, this portland standard:


  9. I too enjoy cycling and learnt the hard way on a ride through the picturesque Mornington Peninsula that wine is perhaps best drunk at the end, rather than say at lunch at the half way mark … of a 100km ride, however tempting the local chardonnay is!

  10. Would have to be the citron presse of the wine world, so maybe riesling, muscadet or something from the Loire.

  11. Spatburgunder, Dry Creek Chenin Blanc, Loire Sauvignon Blanc

  12. So glad many of you are on the same page. And Loire whites sound good to me!

    Ben – Are you still on your fixie? A doff of the helmet to you!

    Dolan – No, sadly no Red Bicyclette. Did you hear that there was a class action suit against both Gallo and Constellation for that wine’s mislabeling of pinot? Step forward to claim a maximum of $21 if you can demonstrate you bought it during a certain period!

    Carlos – Yes, best consumed after recovery…. So glad you’re enjoying Wine Politics for a second time! Great to hear so thanks for sharing.

    Robin – Well, a sports drink is probably best right afterward anyway…

    Blackacre – Ha! I did the Golden Apple in 2010 and I’m sure I had something at the end of the day. And then promptly fell asleep!

    Tim – Didn’t recall that you are a cyclist! Yes, this “winter” has been a dream for cyclists here in NY–no slush, salt or ice to contend with.

    Gabe – Yes, I still want to try one of those!

    Sean – I’d love to ride in the Mornington Peninsula! And, yes, good idea to hold off til afterward. Load up the paniers! Or take a camelback! 😉

    Roger – love the idea of “the citron pressé of the wine world!” And yes, that’s what I was aiming at with many on this list.

    Frank – cheers!

  13. Gotta be Torrontes. Light, aromatic, refreshing, and plenty of snap to rid the taste of sports bottle water. Crios or Hermanos de Domingo Molina are my two favorites in this style.

  14. are you going to the wine bloggers conference? it’s going to be in Portland, and gc is located in the city. Plus, the winemaker is a big bike enthusiast (i think he and i were the only people to ride bikes to the Oregon winemaker symposium). If you love cycling, there is no place better than Portland in the summer

  15. While biking the back roads of Bordeaux, Napa or Willamette sounds idyllic with its charming hillsides of vines I would not blame someone for planning a small repas with a chilled bottle of the local Picpoul de pinet. This would by definition be a casual ride…..

    I do not recommend mixing alcohol as a cool down regimen even though it is a tradition among the mountain biking enthusiasts like myself. it is akin to drinking Champagne in the Jacuzzi which is almost cliche in Rap videos. Après skiing is another opportunity to imbibe and relate the day’s victories and yard sales. Drinking while flying can also lead to dehydration.

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate , shower and then some food and refreshment is in order to watch the waning sun from the deck. Not too much as we don’t want cramps. Ah yes this must be how Lance felt sipping tiny bubbles while arriving victoriously on the Champs Élysées……

  16. I wish I would have read this before my bike ride today!

  17. I usually go out for a ride to get a bottle or eight (my backpack record- mainly Killikanoon Shiraz for £4 a pop). Last week I had an urge for an juicy Austrian red, so I rode and rode until I came to a store that sold one, in this case a nicely unassuming basic Sepp Moser Zweigelt. Then I got home and drank it with some stinky raw milk French cheese on a nice baguette. Lovely.


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