Sabering Champagne with an iPad

Ack–I winced with each strike!

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12 Responses to “Sabering Champagne with an iPad”

  1. Sabering has always struck me as a vulgar party stunt.If you can do it as it WAS done–with one offhand stroke of a real saber, so people hardly know it’s happened–OK. But if you have to freeze the neck, remove the foil and cage,use a silly little pretend swordlet, and generally make a big look-at-me production out of it,then you’d best forget about it.

  2. What a waste if the iPad “popped” instead!

  3. Lame. Kind of says something too if a guy can afford to risk a $400+ iPad like that.

  4. Only the French would try something like this iPad trick. I wonder how many times this was done before Frenchie did not break his iPad!? Totally dumb!

  5. […] The iPad can double as a Champagne Saber, and you don’t even need an app! […]

  6. Ouch!
    I prefer something more conventional like:

  7. You may have too much money if you’re sabering open your champagne bottle with an iPad.

  8. Seriously, isn’t there an app for that?

    If it broke, the Champagne producer who made the video may have been able to write off the cost as marketing.

    Ron, yikes, you slammed the Chinese on a previous thread–and now the French?!?

    For those of you who cringe at this, do not watch “Will it blend? iPad”

  9. The iPad 1 has an aluminum shell. The iPad 2 has a carbon-fiber shell. Each is tough enough to bang a cork out of a Champagne bottle, as has been amply demonstrated. Unless you don’t believe your own lying eyes.

  10. Impact to a screen due to deflection of the case is an instant smash!

  11. Here’s an iPad that survives a fall from space (100,000+ ft):

    Do they sound French to you, Ron?

  12. Interesting that this harmless video gets so many dislikes. I have to say, watching someone whiff over and over on a champagne sabering does make me wince. Also, what’s with the low lighting, doing it alone, looking away from the camera, no follow-up to show it’s still working, etc. It’s actually creepy. What hurts is that it’s a decent idea, but so poorly executed in terms of style and substance.


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