RedNek glasses, Vinturi tested, duty free shopping — sipped and spit

red neck wine glasses
SIPPED: anti-snobbery
What might just be the best-selling wine glass this holiday season? Why, the RedNek wine glass, a Mason jar on top of a candlestick holder as a base. Launched this year, sales have hit $5 million already. Good thing it comes with the lid, making it the travel mug of wine glasses. [CNN]

SPIT: Vinturi aerator
A panel of sommeliers blind tastes wines that have been put through the Vinturi aerator. They admit that it transforms the wine but give three out of four the thumbs down. []

SIPPED: bubbly
The NYT tasting panel has some good picks for all your blanc de blancs needs.

SIPPED: malbec, DrBigJ & Stone Temple Pilots?
A new wine shop in Prospect Heights suggests music pairings on their shelf talkers (too bad they also borrow heavily from at least one DrBigJ tasting note without attribution and slap on point scores, instead of pursuing the point-free path). [Village Voice]

SIPPED: carry on
A traveler at Charles De Gaulle airport dropped $60,000 on six bottles of wine. Come on, didn’t he know that there are better values in town? []

SIPPED: investigations
Robert Parker has launched an “investigation” into only what transpired in Murcia. And the Institute of Masters of Wine has initiated an investigation into whether Pancho Campo MW has violated their code of conduct. []

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9 Responses to “RedNek glasses, Vinturi tested, duty free shopping — sipped and spit”

  1. Stating that Drappier drinkers would enjoy both Puccini and Tom Jones is truly covering all the bases. To the point of being meaningless.

    If the Venturi aerator can change something it will change something and isn’t that the American way?

  2. some of my favorite wine-drinking experiences have come out of a mason jar. while i appreciate the sentiment, adding a stem seems to cheapen the experience. i’ll drink my mason-jar wine the old-fashioned way

  3. Robin – Yeah, the shelf-talkers at that shop could be a cute idea but seem to beed to work on the execution.

    Gab – Alert Wine Enthusiast and maybe they will start selling them as such!

  4. Lol. back in my days as a wine salesman, i would often describe a wine as being a great “mason jar wine”. my favorite mason jar wine: owen roe’s ‘abbots table’

  5. […] Interested in some “RedNek Wine Glasses?” Carson Home Accents has the goods. (H/T: Dr. Vino.) […]

  6. Doc, I have a pair of RedNeks right next to my cellar, which I use instead of my Riedels for romantic occasions. And the point about the travel mug is well-taken. Anyone owning these glasses no doubt also has a churchkey close at hand. I used mine to create a sipping orfice in the lid of one of my glasses, so that, other than the difficulty of getting the candlestick base into the cup holder in my car, I have a travel mug of nearly the utility of a Starbuck’s cup…

  7. […] Tyler Colman (Dr. Vino) brought attention to a piece on Bon Appetit where one of those aerator thingamajiggys was used on […]

  8. The only thing I would use a venturi injector for is to get insecticide or fertilizers to my vines.
    I’d open a bottle, taste it, pour it into a ten-dollar decanter, go up to my vineyard, fill the reservoir with whatever I’m injecting, run the water and go back to check on the wine. If ready, I’d let the timer on the water line run out. If it was not ready, I’d go do something else until the wine opened up.

  9. I would agree that trying a wine over time is the best way to see the evolution of a wine but I found the experiment a joke in regards to how negative up front everyone was. A try experiment would have been to compare two wines blind and see which one they liked better. No bias needed with this technique. Also using better wines would have helped give a clearer picture.


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