Snoozing, wine list advice, Porsche, Cal ABC – sipped & spit

SIPPED: nap time
James Suckling tweets this picture and comment from Hong Kong: “Surreal picture of Bob Parker and @jancisrobinson at #wfhk11.” [Yfrog]

SIPPED: restaurant advice
Start at the back of a wine list? Levi Dalton offers some excellent and provocative suggestions on how to navigate a wine list based on his covering for my class last week when I was snowed under (literally). [SoYouWantToBeASommelier]

WANTED: 1870 Lafite
A restauranteur friend of the Pentagon chief will uncork an 1870 Lafite Rothschild for him on New Year’s Eve as a result of the successful Bin Laden missin. [CNN]

SIPPED: Malbec for Porsches
Isn’t that the trade that Adam Smith wrote about? It’s happening now in Argentina. [Bloomberg]

SIPPED: liberalization
The California Alcohol and Beverage Control has issued new regulations on “third-party” marketing and advertising of wine. It was previously a gray area but the reform clarifies and liberalizes. One commentator in this Wines & Vines story suggests that even Amazon, the retail giant that previously called off a foray into the wine biz, might be attracted back to the space now.

And from the annals of wine shop emails, guess which region is under discussion here? “…his intimate knowledge of each butt’s character was incredibly impressive…”

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4 Responses to “Snoozing, wine list advice, Porsche, Cal ABC – sipped & spit”

  1. Tyler – Wine Country Connect who is the “wine engine” for Wine.Woot! (Amazon owned) has been using this newly affirmed ABC regulation for over 5 years now. An incredibly effective marketing and sales channel for wineries who care to reach consumers direct. I’ve been procuring wine for them going on a year now…so glad to see this model moving forward within the wine industry in general.

    I recently posted “my take” on Wine.Woot!on the blog –

    Cheers to a great week ahead – Ali

  2. That quotation must be about Crack Creek Vineyards.

  3. Butts are used in Jerez.

    I’m keeping Levi’s 13 tips on my iPhone, and I’m also printing them out just to be sure they’ll always be handy.

  4. […] In an excellent post, Levi Dalton offers some great suggestions on how to navigate a restaurant wine list. Read it, re-read it, and then send it to all your friends. (H/T: Dr. Vino.) […]


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