Yeoman wine, harvest festival, more brainwashing, advice — sipped & spit

SIPPED: snappy advice has a fun list of 25 wine tips that may run counter to expectations (cool photos too). If you like your tips in book form, I mentioned many of these items in Dr. Vino’s guide, A Year of Wine.

SIPPED: Yeoman wine
James Conaway, who wrote Napa a couple of decades ago, now turns his eyes and palate to Virginia and its wines on the pages of Garden & Gun (really, who doesn’t get their wine news there?).

SPIT: brainwashing
As we did here recently, Matt Kramer also expresses distaste with the idea of “brainwashing” among wine consumers []

SPIT: left on the block
Sign o’ the times? Lafite fails to sell at auction in Hong Kong. “There weren’t so many buyers.” [Bloomberg, WSJ]

So what if Anjou producer Olivier Cousin wrote “Anjou Olivier Cousin” on his box? Well, the authorities that preserve origins already have a monopoly on those initials so his wrist has been slapped the spanking paddle has been broken out with large fines threatened. [levindesamis]

SIPPED: Bacchanal and bananas
The Montmartre Harvest Festival is underway in Paris, celebrating the one remaining vineyard there, complete with kids’ programming, a parade for Bacchus and a tribute to France’s overseas holdings (not sure of the wine angle there…).

SPIT: brown bags
Wine picnics in Paris: what NYC could emulate if it weren’t for open container laws…enjoy a last gasp of summer this weekend! [Enjoy the photo above and more at WineTerroirs]

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3 Responses to “Yeoman wine, harvest festival, more brainwashing, advice — sipped & spit”

  1. You say “a tribute to France’s overseas holdings (not sure of the wine angle there..)”

    Didn’t you tell me you had High School French? My memory of French class on every level was that the syllabus was required to present the “all the places that speak French” lecture at least once to show the glory of the former empire. Don’t get me wrong, I am not throwing stones in the glass house of our own US imperialism, I just thought it was always funny, and am in no way surprised by the oddly placed boasting of France’s overseas holidings.

  2. Martinique, Guadalupe and so on are lovely places, I’m sure. Just a little confusing how they fit into a wine harvest festival. Or maybe the wine harvest is just a part of the intercultural harvest festival? I’ll need to run this through Google translate…

    Either way, there was a parade for Bacchus today in the streets of Paris. And children witnessed it! When would that happen in, say, Chicago?

  3. Here’s a bit more from Reuters on the Montmartre wine FYI.


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