One-year supply dehydrated food — impossible food-wine pairing?

With gold at $1,800, Ron Paul polling third among the Republican candidates, and people flocking to a wine cellar for safety, is it any wonder that Costco is currently marketing a one year’s supply of food? Called Shelf Reliance THRIVE, it’s dehydrated, freeze-dried, and comes in big cans. All the better for storing in your bunker! (One commenter points out that it’s a lean 1,220 calories a day amortized over a whole year. And the ability to boil water is required for some of them!)

So, if you had to tuck away a year’s supply of wine to pair with such delicacies as Taco TVP–textured vegetable protein–what would it be? Or is it…impossible?!? Given that all the food costs $799, ratchet up the degree of difficulty by trying to keep under that number. (Needless to say, a $10 bottle every night in your bunker would cost $3,650 for a year.)

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9 Responses to “One-year supply dehydrated food — impossible food-wine pairing?”

  1. If I have to eat this stuff for a year, I would spend my wine budget as follows: $240 for 2 cases of good Navarra Garnacha Rosado, the rest for a gun to shoot myself after the Garnacha is gone–in approximately one week!!

  2. Yellowtail. What else?

  3. If the terrorist or zombies attack it doesn’t matter that much what wine you’re packing. But before this unfortunate occurrence happens, I’d go with anything with a reference to sun on the label (that’s what you’ll be missing more than world class wine). Mirassou California Merlot “Sun Dial” 2007 will do just perfectly, depending on the occasion, with or without a rabies vaccination.

  4. Considering the Spartan conditions, I think a year sully of Two buck Chuck would be more apropos.

  5. A single bottle of Penfolds Grange followed by a year of “recycling” to get every last drop of flavour out of it.

  6. Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

  7. This would be a good opportunity to detoxify and emerge with a refreshed palate. Keep a good bottle of Veuve Clicquot or something to celebrate the last day of the fast.

  8. Three words: Bag in box.

  9. I think if you are in your bunker, you skip the wine and go straight to bourbon.


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