Colbert on 9/11 wine: “for when you’re drinking to never forget”

Just when you though that the passing of 9/11 would mean the end of talking about the tasteless 9/11 memorial wine that Tony Bourdain hates, think again. In his first show after 9/11, Stephen Colbert ripped on “giftportunities,” or the various form of cashing in on the tragedy. Included was the 9/11 memorial wine from Long Island’s Lieb Cellars, which Colbert described as “perfect for when you’re drinking to never forget.” And no, it’s not priced at $9.11, which would be crass, he says, but $19.11. “You don’t want to honor the heroes with some cheap-ass nine dollar wine.”

Even the Daily Show’s Samatntha Bee piled on the 9/11 wines, saying “This is real. You can drink this. If you’re a f^(king asshole.” Colbert video below:

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8 Responses to “Colbert on 9/11 wine: “for when you’re drinking to never forget””

  1. Dr Vino, pretty funny stuff, thanks for the post as I rarely see Colbert! Cheers!

  2. Thanks so much for linking to this. It’s fantastic. And it’s almost enough to make me wish I had a TV so I could watch Colbert more often.

  3. Making a buck on some one else’s misfortunes while trying to make it look like you’re sympathizing with them. I think that shunning is the appropriate resonse.

  4. This is amazing video,funyy …

  5. Rather than thinking of it as “making a buck on some one else’s misfortunes”, let’s just think of it as a mark to remember the heroes and the fallen, the extremes to which humans shall go, both to rise and to fall.

    And yes, the videos funny. 😛

  6. Love Stephan Colbert! I’m really not sure what the winery’s intent was with this wine. I don’t want to think that they are cashing in on this tragedy but honestly, they are only giving .91 cents per bottle to 9/11 charities. With only 821 bottles produced, it doesn’t seem like much of a donation. Who knows?

  7. […] LLC of Mattituck, New York. In a rare show of unity, it did not go over well with Anthony Bourdain, Dr. Vino, The Colbert Report, or The Christian Post. AKPC_IDS += […]

  8. Lieb Cellars has been turning out 9/11 wine for about eight years, so finger on the pulse, Stephen Colbert.
    Not only do they contribute to September’s Mission Foundation, they also have raised funds for the Animal Medical Center and the Carol M. Baldwin Cancer Research Center. Does this then mean that Lieb is profiting from animal diseases and breast cancer? I think not. The vitriol is misplaced and out of control. Communication and reasoning appear to have disappeared in this country and desperately need to make a comeback.


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