Corn dogs: impossible food-wine pairing?!? [Iowa]

Ah, Iowa. Every four years, politicians stampede your county fairs, kissing babies, shaking hands and eating fried foods. This year provides the spectacle of a raft of socially conservative Republican contenders chowing down on foot-long corn dogs. Doesn’t the Bible say something about that? Anyway, let’s help them as only enophiles can: which wine would you pair with corn dog on a stick…or is it impossible?!?

And for those who were wondering about pairing wine and the Bible, check out our archive post on Jesus, oinos, and the marriage at Cana.

Images of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry are reduced-sized crops by Toby Harnden and Iowa Politics. See Kos for complete library of corn dog and pols pics.

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18 Responses to “Corn dogs: impossible food-wine pairing?!? [Iowa]”

  1. bubbles

  2. Hey, Dr. Vino, nothing’s impossible! Does anyone, I wonder, in Iowa make sparkling wine? If so, I’d go with that. If not, maybe one of Larry Mawby’s Michigan bubblies. Another possibility, depending on your budget: the least expensive sparkling wine around!

  3. Off-dry Riesling is the way to go here, although I won’t argue with those who suggest sparkling wine. The Riesling creates a pretty dynamic experience with the meat and corn element.

  4. Dr. Vino, you should probably be taken out and horsewhipped. But not by me. Neither of those two is my candidate. My candidate is Berlusconi. As provocative as those pictures are, I am a bunga bunga sort at heart…

  5. I’m thinking a dry to off-dry Vouvray might go nicely. The honeyed characteristics of the chenin blanc should complement the corn, but still have enough acidity to cut through the grease. Although I don’t think we’ll be seeing any GOP candidates drinking French wine anytime soon!

  6. First I had to look up corn dogs to see what they were, for sure. Champagne/sparkling wine is the obvious, but I would try a Vouvray. Let me know how it works.

  7. Why 07 CdP goes with all great foods, even dim sum.

  8. Especially in mag formats. : )

  9. OK I don’t like politicians period and that’s who i am don’t try to change me……. I’m Oinotaragmenos (disturbed by wine)

    I’ll recomend to them Gruner Veltliner, an Assyrtiko from Santorini or Bubbles. By the way it looks as they are suffering eating that stuff, OK who wouldn’t anyway

  10. Try a Muscadet from the mouth of the Loirne River. Salty with just the right crispness to break through corny skin into the meat of the thing!

  11. Maybe I just haven’t lived yet; but I have never paired wine with corn dogs! I think a white Zinfandel would be a down-to-earth pairing.

  12. Proof positive that politicians should never, NEVER allow someone to take their picture eating a corn dog.

  13. I think their eating stuff looks spicy or it may be hot, eating very carefully.

  14. Perry is not bright enough to do anything carefully…

  15. People who eat corn dogs willingly won’t care what they drink as long as it’s sweet. Italian Rosato – low alcohol (don’t want a Tidal Basin moment), lots of sugar.

  16. Wow! Those two really know how to get their respective mouths around a foot long. Talk about talent! Man, I need a cold shower.

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  18. […] I know better than to be photographed eating such a thing. […]


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