Wine Politics video from the New School

If you have 51 minutes that you just don’t know what to do with, you can now check out a video of a talk I gave at the New School recently. Andy Smith, editor of the Oxford Companion to American Food & Drink among many other book projects, had assigned my book to his class, “Drinking History.” It ended up becoming a public talk at the university, filling the room, and even being taped! So here it is, including a discussion of contemporary topics such as the primary source bill in New York. While I certainly don’t challenge Martin Luther King’s legacy of oratory, perhaps there’s a nugget or two of interest in there.

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7 Responses to “Wine Politics video from the New School”

  1. Pick up the tasting pace, Tyler, or you will be left in the dust. Antonio Galloni claims to have tasted over 2,000 wines last month alone (mostly Burgundies that Mike Steinberger can no longer afford), and you are crowing and beating your chest over a mere 3,000 per YEAR!

  2. Interesting talk. The video stopped at 34:30 for me, but I’ll try it another time.

  3. Great recap of main points in Wine Politics, and I enjoyed the Q&A session. Nice succinct and apolitical description of Organic / BioD.

    I’ve consistently recommended Wine Politics to a number of folks now, and still think it is an important industry primer.


  4. Bill – I guess I should get tasting!

    Robin – Odd that it cut off for you.

    Todd – thanks for the kind words and referrals!

  5. Great talk, Tyler! One point that particularly resonated with me was your comment that Prohibition was repealed in the specific manner that it was (giving power to the States) because the “dries” retained enough power at the Federal level to prevent development of a uniform national policy. That explains a lot, and I never knew that. Thanks!

  6. Hi Tyler !
    Great speech about wine politics ! I’m myself kind of shy and would have a hard time speaking in front of say, more than 5 people…

    I saw you’re using one of my pictures, the one of the breath tests right near the condoms, which I’m not against, but you might maybe credit wineterroirs for it…

  7. Same for the rule breaker Puzelat’s picture, Tyler, a short mention to wineterroirs as the origin of the picture would be welcome on you slide show, it will not harm your exposé;


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