This week in wine – a quiz!

In honor or “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” bringing their weekly news quiz to the NYT, we offer a news roundup this week in quiz format.

1) According to a new study released, the Napa Valley will be “unsuitable” for what by the year 2040?
a) Luxury resorts
b) Walnut trees
c) Premium grape growing
d) Honeymoons

2) Surveillance cameras captured a former sommelier attempting theft, casually walking off with a _____ under his arm.
a) case of DRC RC ’71.
b) Picasso
c) Jeroboam of vinho verde
d) the world’s largest corkscrew

3) The NYT had a much-discussed, front-page article on a member of Congress who is close to an industry in his district. Was it:
a) John Boehner and the spray-on tanning industry
b) Mike Thompson and the wine industry
c) Eric Cantor and the reinsurance industry
d) Jesse Jackson Jr and beer distribution

4) The newly formed Wine Writers of New Zealand prohibits their members from accepting:
a) payment for reviews
b) wine samples
c) press trips
d) tickets to sporting events
e) paua shells

5) By dangling mice in the air and feeding one group resveratrol, a compound in red wine, researchers concluded that red wine is good for:
a) bankers
b) gymnasts
c) sedentary people
d) none of the above

6) An online survey showed PC users prefer white zin and pinot grigio while Mac users prefer Chianti and Cabernet. True or false?

Hit the comments with your thoughts. Answers to follow.

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8 Responses to “This week in wine – a quiz!”

  1. let me guess

  2. Mark Sugo’s before-and-after pictures are disturbing. What happened to him?

  3. b.

  4. 1. c
    2. b
    3. b
    4. a
    5. d
    6. t

  5. 1,c

  6. 1) C
    2) B
    3) B
    4) B
    5) C
    6) True

  7. PC users have far more sophisticated palates than MAC users. I know that for a fact.

  8. Thanks for playing! Hope you had fun, whether you pasted your thoughts here or not. For the answer key, you need look no farther than Jean-Luc in the first reply–congrats Jean Luc! Frank Prial will now leave the message on your home answering machine. 😉

    For everyone else, here’s are links to the answers:

    1) Premium grape growing. Because of global warming. Summary

    2) A Picasso. He was formerly the sommelier at BLT Fish [insidescoopsf]

    3) Mike Thompson, in a piece that has been widely criticized for lacking balance. [nytimes]

    4) Monetary payments for reviews. [Guardian]

    5) Astronauts. Oh, and those with a sedentary lifestyle. This is science, people! [popsci]

    6) True. See the results of the Mac – PC user survey here.


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