Wine bicycle tote solves all cycling hydration needs!

Have you ever been cycling home and thought, “Gee, I’d love to stop at that wine store but I have nowhere to put a bottle because I do not have a backpack or paniers or a basket or anything!” Well, this clever little gizmo available on Etsy will solve all your problems! And if you are commuting in New York City and a cab cuts you off, well, that wine bottle might just come in handy too.

One caveat: probably not great for Champagne. Unless you are seeking to turn the cork into a projectile.

When do the companion baguette holders come out for handlebars that turn your bike into a sort of Longhorn?

Hat tip: bottlenotes.

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10 Responses to “Wine bicycle tote solves all cycling hydration needs!”

  1. Nice looking but against the law. You can’t have a bottle of any alcohol out of a paper/plastic bag in NY State

  2. @Jean-luc: So put a plastic bag around it and then put it in the wine sling, no prob. Side note – Do you think a cop would actually know what that was hanging between your legs as you pedal furiously past? Unless it is his favorite critter label… But then maybe he’d let a fellow enthusiast go with a warning?

  3. […] I’m serious. No. […]

  4. Does it come with the MASI?

  5. Too bad there’s nothing to stop the neck-side strap from scooting up a half inch, shattering said wine bottle all over your crank. small price to pay for being the coolest young urban professional on the sidewalk

  6. I think this makes the perfect Father’s Day present!

  7. Looks great; might worry if you had to make a fast stop!

  8. It’s the perfect Hipster accessory!! Next they will have invented a combination Iphone 4/Ray-ban frame carrying case for the handlebars!

  9. @Jean-Luc

    According to Leslie W. Trebby, an associate attorney in the SLA’s Office of Counsel:

    I have reviewed the New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law and the Rules of the New York State Liquor Authority and have found no provision that requires a grocery store licensed to sell beer (or a retail package liquor store) to place a purchased alcoholic beverage item into a bag

    In the absence of a provision in the ABC Law or in the Authority’s rules specifically addressing this issue, I am of the view that the seller is under no legal obligation to place the pu

  10. Interesting if true, Elizabeth. But why then does every wine shop provide customers with an opaque bag?


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