Memorial Day kicks off summer drinking season [rosé]

Ah, Memorial Day. Grilling. Veterans. And politicians pandering to motorcycle groups.

It also happens to be the kickoff to summer drinking season and here in the Northeast, we had terrific weather. My wine highlight of the weekend was uncorking a Domaine Baudry 2010 rosé, made from cabernet franc in the Loire appellation of Chinon. It’s a gorgeous, fresh rosé that has great color from the skin contact, delicate fruit as well as terrific acidity and even a little length.

What did you uncork? Or what are you looking forward to enjoying (outdoors) this summer?

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10 Responses to “Memorial Day kicks off summer drinking season [rosé]”

  1. I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed, but I unscrewed the cap off a 500ml box of Pinot Grigio that I brought into a dry (and patrolled) state park on Memorial Day. After a few swigs I decided that the fun of being bad didn’t outweigh the realization that I wasn’t even enjoying it.

    Looking forward to warm weather and Moscato d’Asti.

  2. ahh, you uncorked a perfect bottle of 2010 rosé – I love the Domaine Baudry!

  3. chinon rose bottle is perfect for summer season.

  4. We had Joel Gott Chardonnay. We had a kids’ party with an entertainer who made animals out of balloons. That didn’t lend itself to much drinking.

  5. Had the annual lobster party so we opened a Vincent Mothe Chablis Fourchaume 2006 and a 2006 William Fevre Les Clos.

  6. My wife and I were married the Sunday before Memorial Day in 2007, so we open a different 2007 vintage wine each year to celebrate. This year was a Mosel Kabinett Riesling, and it was so lovely. Orange blossoms in the nose, grapefruit brulee in the mouth, ….. mmmm.

    It just now hit me that, on our later anniversaries like the 20th or 25th, we’ll be drinking heavier longer-lasting wine like Bordeaux. Not exactly the “perfect” wine for a Memorial Day weekend, but I’m sure we’ll still find a way to enjoy it….

  7. We uncorked a few bottles of a lighter weight Cabernet Sauvignon, along with a bottle of Prosecco earlier in the day.

    I will say Prosecco is an amazing light Summer time libation. Seeing that rose makes me think it would be a wonderful choice also, I will have to pick up a bottle or two in the coming weeks.

  8. anecdot’hic rosé from Texier. Absolutely wild (26 different grapes, sez here…) and deliciously user-friendly. I cannot think of a better introduction to “natural” wine. It was mighty fine with various forms of protein off the grill, too.

  9. Gorgeous bottle – I LOVE Cab Franc rose, always looking to try new ones. That color is so pretty, very close to mine (I make a CA version). Thanks!

  10. TexaCali Ali – Glad you approve! It’s hard to find and I was lucky enough to buy a case of it.

    Robin – Always good to pop a cork when the balloon entertainer is around! 😉

    Dan – I’m coming over!

    Aaron – maybe on long-distant anniversaries, you could go with a wine from the region where you were married, have lived, visited or honeymooned? Many ways to play it! Congratulations on your anniversary.

    Adam – Prosecco can be a great summer drink. Just add a pool and you’re all set!

    Dave – nice, I don’t know that one. But you’re a quarter of the way to Wine Century Club membership with that one bottle!

    Thanks, Emily!


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