Chinese wine cork declares “you fat”

Rob, a site reader living in China, sent in these photos. He says he doesn’t drink Chinese wine (“for obvious reasons”) but this bottle was a birthday present (“tasted terrible and was definitely not made of 100% juice”).

Still, are the Chinese trying to send anglophone customers messages via corks a la fortune cookies? If so, cute idea but they may want to use a service other than Google Translate. Oh wait, maybe “You Fat in bed” sounds better? Hmm, not really.

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9 Responses to “Chinese wine cork declares “you fat””

  1. An Idiom perhaps?

  2. I’ve been thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to market a Chinese wine with fortune telling corks. It would sell if cheap enough, and would certainly have more going for it than some other “novelty” wines out there. What do you think?

  3. This one needs to get submitted to, STAT!

  4. Robbie – Yes, I think the fortune cookie corks (fortune corkies?) would be cute. However, in my experience, cute and wine quality are not always as closely related as I would like. But I’m sure cute and sales have a much more positive correlation!

  5. Maybe the actor Chow Yun Fat owns a winery now? Hm, just trying to make sense of this…

  6. yes america is fat, that is for sure

  7. so, here’s the rest of the story………….Winecombo, yes there is a connection there, but it’s a linguistic one. The name of the winery is You Fa…just as the actors name is Chao Run-Fa in Mandrin. In Cantonese, the Winery is called You Fat…just as the anglicized version of the actor’s Cantonese name is Chao Yun-Fat. Tyler, I love that “fortune corkies”! I think were well on our way to selling shitty wine to the masses in “Cute” packaging.

  8. Robbie,

    Thanks for your exploration of this wine/producer.

    Glad you like “fortune corkie”! I should trademark the term like Pat Riley did with “three-peat” before it is too late…then I can sit back and collect the royalties!

  9. Maybe they looked “fat” up on, where it means cool. Although I guess that homophone is spelled “phat”. Perplexing, indeed.


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