Where in the wine world are we? Caves hewn from rock

While I am in an undisclosed location with limited internet access, I offer you this riddle: where in the wine world are these caves hewn from rock?

Show your deductive powers and hit the comments with your thoughts. Details to follow on this wine mystery!

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40 Responses to “Where in the wine world are we? Caves hewn from rock”

  1. Looks like the Loire.

  2. From the chalk, I’d guess Champagne.

  3. I agree, Champagne…

  4. Never been to Chablis, but there’s some chalky soil there too, no?

    Or… What about tufa in Southern Italy?

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  6. Agreed Champagne due to the chalk.

  7. I think this is the Loire valley. Probably around Chinon

  8. The Touraine, maybe more specifically, Vouvray.

  9. You’re in Basilicata, drinking the local Aglianico del Vulture.

  10. I’ll guess the Loire, just because I’ve seen a picture very similar to that one in a book (The world atlas of wine)

  11. I’m fairly sure that this is a smaller Champagne maker

  12. I would say Loire Valley, near Saumur.

  13. I’m thinking the Loire Valley, not sure of the village. Jut looks very familiar when I was on my Chenin Blanc quest…

  14. I would say Loire, Saw similar in Chinon. If pushed would go for Samur as I know they use the caves extensively. Not sure about the barrel though, no idea on Samur base wine storage and aging??

  15. Looks like a troglodyte from Vouvray to me.

  16. I’m voting Vouvray, or possibly Saumur. There are wine caves, restaurants, hotels, even private homes carved out of caves. Definitely not Champagne.

  17. I guess it is Capadoccia, Turkey or Missouri!
    Carlos Reis, Brazil

  18. Looks like the tuffa caves I biked past this summer in the Loire in Vouvray.

  19. It has to be the Loire – Filliatreau in Saumur?

  20. Hey Steve!

    When I said Saumur earlier, I was exactly thinking about Filliatreau, as it really looks like the troglodytes houses in Tuffeau they have in their backyard.

    We’ll see…

  21. Gotta be the Touraine or maybe the eastern part of the Saumurois.

  22. Loire, either Saumur or Vouvray.

  23. Champagne!

  24. I think you are in the South of Limburg, the Netherlands. Of course you know the fine white and rose wines are there!

  25. Add me to the list of thinking it’s definitely Filliatreau in Saumur! Mmmmmm, I might have to open a bottle of 07 La Grande Vignolle now…

  26. Could be the troglodytes in the Loire Valley. I had dinner in one. Very unpleasant musty smell.

  27. saint emilion

  28. Definitely, the Loire. I would agree Vouvray.

  29. CHAMPAGNE!!!!!

  30. Must be Champagne. Looks like Cramant, just outside the village on Rue des Grappes d’Or?

  31. Congrats to all those who guessed the Loire! And to those who guessed Saumur, you know your tuffeau! But Jean-Luc and Cleggton get honorable mention for guessing Chinon, which is where I took the photo. The cave is at Domaine Bernard Baudry. I liked the kids’ toys outside the cave since that’s what my cave would also likely look like if I had one!

    More details of my visit there coming up next week!

  32. Damn, I’m too late and I would have been wrong but caves like that are all around Hungary. Hope you’re enjoying Baudry!

  33. I never get these right! But always enjoy the read, so thanks! Btw, have you guys heard of lovethis? I’ve started using it to get wine recommendations, pretty useful. Check out my recommendations and I’d be interested to connect with you guys to find some interesting labels and new producers. Here’s a link to my profile: http://ow.ly/42A6l. Keep up the great blog, how do I subscribe?

  34. Looks like caves I saw near St. Nicolas de Burgeois in the central Loire.

  35. I’d say Loire Valley. Probably around Saumur and if not, Vouvray.

  36. Hi! awesome picture and place, Do you have more pics?

    Greetings from Argentina

  37. I had visited there in 2008 and spent time with Bernard’s son Matthieu. Aside from samples in the tasting room and barrels, I had the opportunity to taste a couple of older fuzzy bottles from the cave poured on that barrel outside. Excellent wines.

  38. I hope Matthieu opened some 2000 and 2001 whites for you.
    The guy across the street is doing some nice juice as well.

  39. I did taste his chenin blanc which is made in a tank roughly twice the size of a household hot water tank and it was excellent.

  40. Cappadocia Region Turkey


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