Guacamole: impossible food-wine pairing?!?

The Super Bowl brings to the host city all kinds of things ranging from pulse-pounding punt returns to prostitutes. Apparently the Super Bowl also brings out avocados in force (although it doesn’t have such an impact on sales as some may think according to snopes). But they end up mashed in a super bowl of their own with diced tomatoes, onions, lime juice and cilantro to make guacamole.

So, this week we have a pairing question for you by request: which wine would you pair with guacamole? Or is it…impossible?!?

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33 Responses to “Guacamole: impossible food-wine pairing?!?”

  1. What about a crispy young savignon blanc from Loire?

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  3. Tried recently guacamole with three young (2009) whites… Sauvignon (Pouilly-Fumé), Riesling and Gruner Veltliner (both Wachau). All three worked reasonably well, I would vote for the Veltliner. Or, even better, good Pilsner beer 🙂

  4. Impossible? Perhaps. Illegal? Maybe. I think there’s a law that says guacamole must be eaten with a pitcher of Margaritas! 🙂

  5. For red, I’ve found that a lighter Garnacha tends to work well with guacomole.

  6. There are a lot of different guacamole recipes. We like a very simple one with just avocado, chopped onion, cilantro and lime juice. A Cabernet Franc goes well with that. Add tomatoes, garlic and jalapeños and a Barbera works well.

  7. No way it is impossible! As a Mexican sommelier I´m telling you guacamole works out terrific with crisp white wines (I like my guacamole pretty lemony, so I would bet on a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chenin Blanc (such as Casa Madero a M

  8. exican Muscat ( or why not… a rosé!!! Cheers!

  9. The first beverage that came to mind was a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Citrusy, grassy, to cut through the richness of the guac.Margaritas and beer work if they float your boat. T just think that SB pairs better. Whatever you are drinking, enjoy the day!

  10. first
    tomatoes dont go in guacamole
    riesling (sp) kills it
    so does sake
    and why try to match something when margaritas are the only call

  11. I love a good California Chardonnay with Guacamole. The buttery wine pairs fabulous with avocados!!(My favorites are Rombauer and La Crema)

  12. Bubbles!

  13. A liter bottle of a tasty QbA Riesling would do the trick and then some. May the cork be with you.

  14. Youngberg Hill Pinot Blanc

  15. I always serve guacamole with lime flavored corn chips so that ups the salt and lime content. Sauvignon blanc is always good. I like Sangria too if I can’t have margaritas.

  16. Though I agree that champagne goes with everything, I would actually suggest Muller Thurgau in this instance.

  17. rosé, José!

  18. My very first thought was a Vinho Verde. Crisp, petillant, bright and refreshing.

  19. Sauvignon blanc, of course.

  20. Definitely depends on the heat threshold and other players in the game…
    A dash of jalapeno + chicken/fish on side – Sauv Blanc
    Medium heat + other appetizers – Prosecco
    Spice, spice, spice + other chipotle infused dishes – Riesling
    Medium spice + beef appearance – Garnacha
    Fun challenge!

  21. Sauv Blanc does sound good because of the Acidity, but what about the body, Guac is usually really rich and fatty, you would need something heavier body, good weight. Med+ Bodied white with great acidity. Maybe a Washington State Chard, Semillion, Good weight and Acidity due to the cool nights, even go to Okanagan Canada

  22. Seems to me that you want Sauv blanc, but something with a little more body. Why not a Sauv/semillion blend or something similar? I’m rather fond of matching Mexican food with Spanish wine; so I’m thinking there’s got to be a Spanish wine for this too: Rueda?
    Otherwise has any one tried a Viognier with this?



  23. Niagara Peninsula traditional method sparkling wine, Sauvignon Blanc and dry Riesling; Assyrtico from Santorini; dry Hungarian Furmint or Harslevelu; Gruner Veltliner from Wachau; light, fresh and fragrant reds with no oak; dry Sherry or try Junmai Daiginjō-shu sake…

  24. Definitivamente que las uvas que mejores le van al guacamole son la sauvignon blanc y riesling

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  26. I enjoyed it with Viognier yesterday. It was quite good. This particular Viognier was more fruit forward, and off-dry, so the sweetness kept the spices (including a bit of jalepeno) at bay.

  27. Albarino!

  28. Argentine Torrontes is a great match! Try Crios. Clean, crisp and enhances the flavors of the guac.

  29. Sauvignon Blanc is wonderful with guacamole and (corn) chips, provided it’s a crisp, fruity style like St. Supery or Sancerre.

  30. In fact, SB is great with anything featuring corn and/or cilantro.

  31. Rueda!

  32. I couldn’t agree more with Zoltan!

  33. Here in Arlington Texas we are blessed with many excellent TexMex restaurants that take great pride at making fantastic guacamoles right on your table.

    Best wine I have generally found ot pair with guacamole is a Vin D’Alsace
    Pinot Gris. Second is of course a Viennese Gruner Veltliner!


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