Cocktail parties and the third hand problem [poll]

Now that party season is upon us, we all have to contemplate strategies for dealing with the “third hand” problem: in order to eat some hors d’oeuvres, you need two hands, which means you can’t also hold a wine glass.

Above are two commercial solutions, the plate on top of the wine glass or the glass in the plate.

What’s your approach on this burning problem? Have your say in the latest poll!

What is your strategy for juggling glass and plate at cocktail parties?

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13 Responses to “Cocktail parties and the third hand problem [poll]”

  1. Have the maufacturers send sample to all respondents so we can actually TRY them out rather than guess. Glass-in-the slot might be a tad clumsy, but while plate-on-top looks good, secure feeding could mean holding the glass by the bowl tather than the stem, thus producing unacceptable warming of white wines.

  2. Slight variation:

    Finish wine in glass. Put glass down. Eat. Pick up glass and head back to bar.

  3. The question or rather concern I have for the manufactures is when this is released the product seems to have a very small target audience. Catering companies who do a lot of cocktail parties, and the price would reflect that. It seems to me that the product is designed more in practicality for them than say for the everyday wine drink who decides to throw a wine tasting with hors d’oeuvres.

    Because who is going to have the exact size for the glass for the lid cover and Bill Marsano did a great job describing the defect with the plate model.

    Just put the glass down, eat and pick it back up

  4. None of the above. I keep my wine glass and pick up finger foods at the buffet table. There have been times when this method has garnered me only vegetables, but I only put my wine glass down when I am completely done drinking.

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  6. This is an annoying problem…that is why I use plate clips. They clip onto any china plate so they are your third hand. I keep one in my piurse this time of year.

    If there are no plates then I find a table.

    You can check mine out on the Books & CDs page of my site.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays Tyler!

  7. We’ve actually been using the hole in the plate for all our private events and customers have been raving about them. Plus, they are made of recycled bamboo

  8. Hi,

    Where can we buy those with the plate on the top of the glass?

    Thank you

  9. Hi Elyse,

    Both images are clickable to find vendors.

  10. Cocktail parties are for drinking cocktails, not wine. Then again, I guess 15.5% zinfandel counts as a “cocktail.”

  11. I never feel safe with either of these solutions, nor with the plate clips. Call me clumsy, but I believe “put down the glass, eat, pick up the glass” is the best strategy.

  12. I think that both the methods, the plate on the top and glass in plate, doesn’t work for me. I only believe in put the glass down then eat and then again pick up the glass. It is the simplest way…

  13. Get married, stand with your wife, and share a plate. It makes for an easy hand-off.


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