SPAM, Pop Tarts, crab meat – emergency impossible pairings!

A Carnival cruise ship headed on a seven-day tour of Mexico’s Pacific coast had a fire and was adrift for two days. Mexican tugboats and American Coast Guard and Navy ships have come to the aid of the 4,500 people on board Carnival Splendor. No one was hurt, but the AP reports that they were without air conditioning, cell phone service, and internet access! Here’s more from the story:

U.S. Navy Seahawk helicopters were ferrying supplies, including Spam, crab meat, croissants and Pop Tarts to the ship from the USS Ronald Reagan, an aircraft carrier that reached the Splendor after it was diverted from training maneuvers to help.

My goodness, are they trying to rescue these people or kill them? Pairing those with wine sound…impossible! (Crab meat is the easiest by far, though.) So in this emergency edition of our impossible pairings, consider which wine you would send these marooned vacationers to pair with their emergency rations and plight. Which wines would you send along if you were the Coast Guard sommelier?

reduced size crop of AP/Gregory Bull image.

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14 Responses to “SPAM, Pop Tarts, crab meat – emergency impossible pairings!”

  1. When in doubt, send Champagne!!

  2. Ditto Champagne! The very best. On Carnival’s tab.

  3. You can never go wrong with Champagne, of course.
    I also believe German Riesling will work very well with either one of those foods.

  4. Well, I came to post that Champagne was my immediate thought but it looks like other brilliant minds beat me to it. (By the way, my niece did a summer deployment on the Reagan a few years ago and thought the food was great compared to some other ships!)

  5. Cava, Prosecco, Champagne, American sparkling…but I am not sure about the pop tarts!

  6. How bout a little Dolce From Far Niente to go with the Pop Tarts? What do you think?

  7. Warm White Zin, as they are already on the vacation from hell.

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  9. You need creative new blends and innovative assemblage:

    Pop tarts: Chateauneuf du Pape, Clos des Papes blended with Clos de Tart, Morey-St-Denis = Clos de PapeTart

    Spam: Spatlese and Amarone = Spamarone

    Croissents: Chateau la Croix, Pomerol mixed with Vineyard 29, Cabernet Sauvignon, “The Essentials” = Chateau la Croissentials

    Finally, to celebrate the team work there could be a Coast Guard Sommelier blend: Cote Rotie with Chateau de la Garde, a touch of Cristom, Pinot Noir, “Sommers Reserve”, and some Bernkasteler Lay you get Cote-Garde Sommerlay.

    What about Cheese Whiz and Triscuits? Hmmmmm….

    Crab meat:

  10. I’d send a sampling of German Rieslings. Fried spam and spatlese is an awesome pairing by the way…I’m a sweet and salty kind of guy.

  11. Manischewitz and pop-tarts, yum

  12. Orin Swift: The Prisoner

  13. Send them whatever is necessary to survive…

  14. I agree! When in doubt send champagne. Although Pop Tarts would be just as good!


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