Wine bottle deposits come to Arizona [poll]

You want that wine on the shelf in Flagstaff, AZ? It’ll be $7.99–plus a $2 refundable deposit.

No, it’s not as if officials Arizona have implemented a bottle deposit law that would increase recycling and/or reuse while raising millions of dollars for state coffers.

This is a voluntary recycling program called Sustainable Packaging Solutions profiled on Starting November 1, a group will debut a white and a red under the label Kind Vines, exclusively at Bashas’, a grocery store. Brought in from California in bulk, the wines will be bottled locally where the bottles will also be cleaned and refilled.

Are you into this idea, in theory? Have your say in the latest poll!

Would you welcome wine bottle reuse and refilling?

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7 Responses to “Wine bottle deposits come to Arizona [poll]”

  1. A good idea–and another step on the way to having wine dispensers in grocery stores?

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    Love the idea of reusing wine bottles – [link to post] Thanks to @DrVino once again for a great post. #greenwine

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  3. We cannot get rid of our empties no one wants them not even for recycling.

  4. Kind Wines gets their wine from a 3rd party usually a vineyard with excess wines, a la Cameron Hughes. Try attracting Sine Qua Non to the project or Randall Grahm – someone who would know how to market it. I’m not going to drink poor wines to save the earth, I’m sorry.

  5. @Robin C – I don’t understand your comment.

    Should only plonk be expected to be innovative with regards to green initiatives?
    Do all the “Good” wines get a pass on that requirement?
    And how does bulk wine get better when you attract someone who knows about marketing? I’ve always heard that quality wine is made in the vineyard, not in the winery (or in this case not in the marketing plan)…

  6. Right now we recycle all of our wine bottles. It would sure be fun to re-use, though. Then you can truly surprise your guests when opening a bottle of some cheap red, let’s say, that turns out to be fine Burgundy, or perhaps even the reverse: startle and annoy your wine-snobbish friends and family with a re-used bottle of something completely fabo that contains merely $4 juice!

  7. It would be, honestly speaking, a little bit out of class. However, for the sake of the environment, I welcome this idea…


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