Spaghetti tacos: impossible food-wine pairing?!?

Spaghetti tacos, abomination or stroke of genius? It depends on whom you ask, according to an article in the NYT last week. But for those who are “less than 5 feet tall and live with your mother,” the ital-mex dish derived from the TV show iCarly appears to be popular.

Although I haven’t yet tried it, I’d venture to say that from the sounds of it, probably a lot of parents have. Ah, the blend of (overcooked) spaghetti with (too much) sauce from a jar, tenderly tonged into a corn shell. Which wine pairs with this…or is it impossible?!? Pair if for the children, as this dish may well be the comfort food of the wine drinkers of tomorrow.

reduced size crop of Frencesco Tonelli/NYT image

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20 Responses to “Spaghetti tacos: impossible food-wine pairing?!?”

  1. Sangiovese. It’s a natural with pasta and red sauce, and the acidity should handle the fried taco shell. I’d go for a young, lighter version; this might not be the dish for a mature Brunello 🙂

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  3. I can’t believe that iCarly show could produce something that’s become so ridiculously popular. Anyway, I’d pair it with Franzia. If spaghetti tacos are the comfort food of tomorrow, then why not wine flavored punch?

  4. If this dish sounds good to you, you probably wouldn’t notice the difference between any wine paired with it.

  5. Mogen David. Then you can dis three ethnic groups at once.

  6. I’m thinking an Aussie sparkling shiraz — the cheaper the better. Seriously!

  7. Pasta Tacos? I’ve got it. A true toss up between a standard Chianti like Tiziano (light weight) or grenache ( i’d choose an aussie). Both light weight and refreshing will hold up well to the salty character of the taco shell.

  8. They serve these at cafe Flora in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. The recommended pairing is an Aussie Shiraz or Shiraz Grenache. It’s delicious!

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  10. Sorry, I just can’t wrap my mind around spaghetti tacos. So I wouldn’t pair anything with it!

  11. 2009 Sutter Home White Zinfandel would go with this brilliantly.

  12. Chateau Coque Au Couler

  13. Lambrusco, easy.

  14. Pasta and tacos sounds weird for me but it look so delicious.

  15. I agree with Chenee here…. Pasta and tacos may look weird but are desirably tempting to try. Paired with wine?hmmmm i can’t say I am a fan but will definitely try it for my self and see how it goes.

  16. I believe Welch’s grape with “Spike Your Juice” added (aged 48 hours) would be an appropriate pairing.

  17. Chateau Traileur Parc.

  18. Mixed group of Brits and Americans sitting around the table last night. Major topic of discussion, which is worse, the new spaghetti taco craze in NYC or the lasagna sandwich craze in London? Strangely, wine pairings didn’t enter into the conversation at all….

  19. Alka-Seltzer spritzer??

  20. Primero arruinaron la pasta, despues la tortilla doblada que erroneamente llaman “taco” y, por si fuera poco, quieren encontrarle maridaje con un vino que tambien quedara destrozado!


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