Wine children’s book, underage, China TV – sipped & spit

SIPPED: spiked juice
The good folks at Gizmodo sacrificed their own palates by turning Welch’s grape juice into, well, fermented grape juice using a product called Spike Your Juice. Just don’t let the WSWA know that underage might be able to get ahold of this for cheaper than wine.

SIPPED: wine book for kids
An illustrated book for children that details the life of the vine and wine’s history back to Roman times will be appearing soon–in France. It’ll keep them away from the fermented Welch’s, no doubt! (But then again, when you have self-serve wine tanks, why would you ever need to ferment Welch’s?)

SPIT: shopping for wine with kids
A Tesco in the UK refused to sell a dad a bottle of wine with his groceries. Why? Because he was with his eight-year-old daughter and she didn’t have valid ID. []

SIPPED: Bordeaux & Asia 1
After having his wine mentioned in a Drops of the Gods spin-off comic, a small Bordeaux vintner has withdrawn his wine from the market in the hope of preventing speculation and escalating prices. He’s now screening buyers and still offering the wine at €18. How long before there’s a secondary market for Château le Puy? [Guardian]

SIPPED: Bordeaux & Asia 2
A sequel to the popular Chinese TV show, “Cherish Our Love Forever,” is now shooting on location in Bordeaux. Inquiring minds wonder if it will do for Bordeaux in China what Sideways did for pinot noir here? [AFP]

SPIT: Bordeaux & Asia 3
The Economist has a short piece on wine in Hong Kong. They cite prices for Château Lafite Rothschild, the market leader, have roughly doubled in the past six months; “Sniff its bouquet,” they write “and the wine boom has hints of tulip mania.”

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4 Responses to “Wine children’s book, underage, China TV – sipped & spit”

  1. Sideways boosted sales of Pinot Noir vis-à-vis big sellers like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

    A difference with the China situation: French wine, and especially Bordeaux, is already in the driver’s seat here and often seen as good wine by default (a result is that some crappy Bordeaux has been sold here at inflated prices though this practice seems to be waning). One possible result of this show could well be to boost sales / reinforce the image of Bordeaux, which means some people here will continue to be initiated into the wine world via dry, red, tannic, sometimes sub-par wines…

    Cheers, Boyce

  2. fermented welch’s? We made cider from condensed apple juice at University. Once. We were bored with homebrewing beer, and it seemed like a logical progression. If memory serves, it actually wasn’t all that bad…

  3. […] The Whole Foods Market in Winston-Salem, NC, sells wine grapes by the pound. $2.49 a pound for “Organic Red Grenache Wine Grapes,” “Organic Green French Colombard Wine Grapes,” and “Organic Black Carignane Wine Grapes.” Taste the difference, pre-wine! Or maybe it is another DYI wine thing? […]

  4. “In the age of reading comic books on mobile devices, the intricately designed, multi-paneled double page spread may have to be reconsidered.”


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