Bacon doughnuts: impossible food-wine pairing?!?

Site reader Anderson Farris sent in this suggestion for our series: a bacon doughnut.

The particular bacon doughnut in question is from the NYC restaurant Traif. A chef described the dish thusly to

“…The bacon doughnuts with dulce de leche and coffee ice cream are, like, so fucking good. It’s a sugary doughnut with bacon fat in the batter and rendered bacon pieces in the doughnut itself. With the dulce de leche and coffee ice cream, it’s pretty kick-ass.”

Wow, that is a whole lot of dulce, with a bit of fat and salt. Are we even allowed to pair that with wine? Or is it…impossible?!?

Image: reduced size crop of photo credited to Melissa Hom at

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12 Responses to “Bacon doughnuts: impossible food-wine pairing?!?”

  1. I sometimes like to pair sweet with sweet when it comes to dessert. How about Vin Santo? I’m not sure about his one but maybe a sweeter style Chenin Blac.

    On the dry side I might try Champaign.

  2. err Champagne!

  3. There are several wines on our blog which would team with this. Mind you, that may not be a compliment to the dessert…

  4. My first instinct was a fruity crispy clean white but on second thought, the smoky salty bacon might be calling out for a rich Pinot Noir.

  5. That’s an interesting doughnut! I’d pair it with some kind of Pedro Ximenez (PX) Sherry.

  6. Homer Simpson’s dream doughnut! How about some Castello di Pomino vendemmia tardiva from Frescobaldi

  7. Sercial.

  8. Blanc de Blanc Champagne. Preferably ten years old or more. The stinkier, the better.

  9. […] archive of author interviews online! (Good thing they didn’t see a subsequent here about pairing wine with bacon doughnuts–oh wait, that dish came from […]

  10. sauternes.

  11. how about a 10 year old spoiled malbec to compliment the dulce de leche?

  12. Oh, this is good stuff! The pairing question is tough, and the only thing that comes to mind for me is an inexpensive bubbly like Cava, cuz if it’s a stinky match, then I’d just finish off the Cava with no regrets! : )
    I often pair value-priced bubblies with what I think will be difficult to match dishes, and it seems to work much of the time.


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