Lady Gaga’s meat dress: impossible food-wine pairing?!?

Ah, meat. You’d think this one would be a no-brainer for pairing with wine as so many of the full-bodied reds made today are natural wine pairings.

But we don’t like to make it easy for you–that’s not impossible, after all!

So here you have it: raw (unspecified) meat that has been on Lady Gaga’s body in the form of her meat dress. Which wine would you pair with that?!? If you want a little less to, er, digest, you can keep the pairing at the sartorial level.

Funny, but the dress wasn’t on display during New York Fashion week, rather, the MTV Video Music Awards.

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16 Responses to “Lady Gaga’s meat dress: impossible food-wine pairing?!?”

  1. I think it depends if she’s still in the dress.

  2. Given her flair for the bizarre, I would assume frozen wine popsicles molded into a variety of obscene shapes.

    But more seriously… We’re basically talking carpaccio, which I’ve always enjoyed with a rich white Burgundy.

  3. The FIRST meat dress, entitled “Vanitas” (how appropriate!) by Jana Sterback, 2006, was on exhibit in the women’s show last year at the Pompidou Center in Paris,and it was already dried up. The point was how what is seemingly fleshy and raw eventually dries up. What about Lady Gaga????

  4. It really doesn’t matter, as long as the ABV (alcohol) is as high as possible.

  5. The dress looks like it’s made out of either flank or skirt steak: a gamey cut (I’m sure the dress-wearer has her own flavor, but we won’t go there).

    Grilled (preferrably) but even served rare (the meat, I mean) it would go nicely with an earthy granache/syrah/mouvedre southern French blend!

  6. @el jefe – si, senor!

    Some additional comments have come in on Twitter.

    @RandallGrahm: Gaja? Guigal? Garganega?

    @ericasimov: — Gag!

    @rieslingAC: A Gold Kapsule would pair lovely

    @MiramonteWinery: plonk?

    @nyplayful1: gaja barbaresco 97 perfect for all meat dress occasions. (though probably swap out the girl)

  7. Oh, Tyler, you are too funny! Hmmm, raw meat seasoned with sweat–and perhaps other bodily fluids. Well, I’d skip the wine and grab some vodka–lots of it–with black pepper!!!

  8. only one possible solution: Bone-Jolly!

  9. Looks like we may finally have a dish big and bold enough for amarone.

  10. […] Lady Gaga’s meat dress: impossible food-wine pairing?!? […]

  11. How about a Cheverny “Clos du Tue Boeuf”?

  12. Twitter Comment

    What to pair with Lady Gaga’s meat dress? @drvino poses the question: [link to post] ^JP

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  13. @Jean-Luc hahahaha

    Simon Woods also had this to say on Twitter: woodswine: @drvino My suggestions when I tweeted the story last week were Mouton, Tertre Roteboeuf or something from Angelo Gaga

  14. More from Twitter:

    @BethanWallace: Château Grillet, Côte-Rôtie

    @timatkin @spike_stockdale Tertre Roteboeuf

    @scalawine Ch. Belle-Pair and… Puligny-MontTrash – Eh?

  15. I consider this to be the perfect steak tartare dish…

    I would serve, what else(?), Mommessin Clos de Tart. A Gaga-rand Cru from the very best slopes in the village of Morey St-Denis.

  16. I say don’t waste no wine with that dress 🙂


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