Wine rack bra, Jets wine, leafroll, pinot breakup — sipped & spit

SIPPED: jug wine
A sports bra modified to contain 25 ounces of wine and fitted with a nozzle is making the rounds again. Dubbed the “Wine Rack,” it is the companion to the “Beer Belly” for men.

SPIT: New York wine
An Albany blogger throws a flag on the new Jets wine play for not being a wine from New York State, especially after state funds subsidized their pre-season training.

SPIT and a SHRUG: leafroll virus
The leafroll virus is attacking vines in Napa Valley, reducing yields and slowing sugar development. While most producers lament this, some producers don’t mind. [SF Chron]

SPIT: pinot noir
Wine journoblogger Blake Gray pens a break up letter to Pinot Noir. Here’s a taste: “It’s not only because you’ve gained weight, although I won’t deny that’s a big factor…But that’s not the only reason. You’re sleeping with Syrah.” [Gray Market Report]

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8 Responses to “Wine rack bra, Jets wine, leafroll, pinot breakup — sipped & spit”

  1. Blake’s breakup letter was great — but California Pinot grower Peter Cargasacchi came right back at him:

  2. Dr V

    Is there a male version for the “wine rack” other than the “beer belly?” I don’t need to bring any more undo attention to my stomach! But the concept is amazing.

    Read the “Dear Pinot Noir” letter. Funny but sad. Breaking up is hard to do.

  3. Re the Jets wine – the team surveyed its fans to determine what they wanted most. Jets wanted to launch with about 8,000 cases (I think) and to the best of my knowledge there is no single winery in NY that makes that much Cabernet Sauvignon, and there is certainly no winery in NY that could source that much Cabernet in a month or two, which is what happened in this case.

    I’m suggesting to them that they consider a really fine Riesling from the Finger Lakes for a companion white.

    And if we really wanted to get technical, they are now headquartered and play in New Jersey – anybody in favor of going with that?

  4. The combined force of the two very clever letters from Blake and Cargasacchi serve as a wonderful launch pad for a well strucutured discussion on the topic. Are New World Pinots wrong or just a different expression of the grape? Are (some)winemakers sneaking Syrah into the bottle? The letters, back to back, should be required reading before the conversation ensues.

    Thank you Tyler and Peter

  5. Pete – thanks for sharing! As Laurie says, it advances the discussion.

    Stevie – you mean like a wine “bro” (cue Seinfeld)?

    John – This story doesn’t make any mention of a survey; the decision on the cab sounds like a top-down one. Perhaps you know more. The decision is probably not a bad one since it serves the fans what they would probably like in the glass. But it does beg the question just how much of it will actually make it to the glass? It seems to me that many commemorative wines such as this probably sit on shelves more as displays.

    Also, as previously mentioned here, it does seem unfair to allow the team to promote a wine while the NFL disallows Charles Woodson, a player, from promoting his own.

  6. One of the problems with the Albany blogger story was that he did not do any research to get the background – he just made assumptions.

    The wine will be sold by bottle and glass at the stadium in various venues and it will be sold at retail in NY area retail stores – it is meant for drinking but of course some will collect. But they are intending this as a legitimate wine for fans to drink and enjoy.

    And good point on Charles Woodson, but it is the NFL that has the rule – not the Jets. The fact of the Jets having a wine brings the whole issue to the table, which is probably a good thing.

  7. shouldn’t that Jets wine be made from New Jersey grapes? Just sayin’

    P.S. enjoying “Wine Politics”…wild stuff

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