Raveneau and oysters [photos]

Tasting the legendary Chablis from Domaine Francois Raveneau is a rare event since the wines are almost impossible to find (search for Raveneau). And tasting them with some age and oysters hardly ever happens outside of Chablis and the Hamptons.

But I managed to try oysters with three Raveneau wines at a collector’s house recently, thanks to an invitation from a friend (I brought the Champagne, as we already discussed). Since I didn’t have my tasting notebook with me, I don’t have much in the way of tasting notes to offer you but I do have cameraphone photos!

The 2000 Butteaux, a premier cru site, had a golden hue and an amazing balance between precise, alluring acidity, stoniness, and the gentle breadth that old wood aging provides. With a lasting, layered finish, this wine got the evening off to an excellent start. The 2000 Mont Mains was also impressive, but it had a slight oxidative note. The 1998 Valmur, a grand cru site, was not oxidative but not showing the delicious precision of the 2000 Butteaux, which was really en feu that evening.

The wines were terrific with the oysters; sometimes those classic food-wine pairings got that way for a reason.

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6 Responses to “Raveneau and oysters [photos]”

  1. You had me at Domaine.

  2. While I cannot deny my #1 with oysters- Champagne (particularly Blanc de Blancs)- I do love the minerality that Chablis brings to the table with some briny oysters. I guess if you take away the bubbles, there are many similarities between the two.

  3. I’ve always thought that chablis and champagne (specifically blanc de blanc) had similiarities, and hence similar food pairings. This would seem to exemplify it. Love chablis, for sure, not sure I’ve had any Raveneau.

  4. Dang- Hamptons, Oysters, and a fistful of Chablis… This is like the wine version of Diddy’s white party.

    Love the Boutteaux-

    Raveneau’s need some years to come around, but when they get there, they are sick.

  5. Champagne and oyster, another winner. Muscadet also does very well.

    Hardy – No, I wasn’t in the Hamptons for this feast. But Chablis would be a good call for Diddy’s next white party–easier to clean in case of spills. 😉

    Which vintages of Butteaux have you had? A reader just wrote in to say that he hat the 95 Butteaux once (at Taillevent!) and it might have been the best white he’d ever had.

    Score another one for Butteaux!

  6. One can never go wrong with Champagne and oysters. But if you’re jonesing for a still wine, try a Sancerre. Lovely.


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