This week in wine! Palin, college students, perfume, Long Duk Dong

What a crazy week in wine news! You’d think it was April Fool’s week. Spot which one of these stories did NOT happen this week:

A) The French government has proposed making wine tastings available in college cafeterias. “Why is there sex education and not viticultural education? You can learn wine too,” said the author of the study. Jean-Robert Pitte former director of the Sorbonne and author of Bordeaux-Burgundy said it will show students that it wine is “a pleasure, good for their health and part of their national heritage.”

B) With Mother’s Day soon approaching, cult winery Colgin Cellars has launched a new perfume. Partnering with Strange Invisible Perfumes, the new perfume is inspired by Colgin Cellar IX vineyardand the winery in Napa valley. The perfume echoes the lavender, wild sage and roses found on the IX Estate, the vineyard’s unique terroir, the cellar’s earthy embrace, and select notes found within the wines themselves. Described as “Brambly. Floral. Stirring,” the perfume is comprised of organic, wildcrafted and biodynamic essences set in a base of 100% organic, beverage-grade grape alcohol. It is priced at $320 for 0.25 oz.

C) In Las Vegas, Sarah Palin, gave the keynote speech at the annual convention of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association. In her discourse on entrepreneurship, deregulation and Congressional election prospects, she thanked George W. Bush for keeping the country safe, spoke of America’s need to use less foreign oil, but neglected to discuss the three-tier system of liquor distribution. However, she did say that she is happy she is not working in a restaurant and bar like she did in college.

D) Actor Gedde Watanabe, best known for his role as Long Duk Dong in the 1984 film Sixteen Candles, is the latest to introduce a celebrity wine. “After trying to bury this character for inappropriate stereotypes for nearly three decades, I’ve decided to cash in,” he said. His Chateau Longuedoc Dong will be released this spring . The syrah will have the line “Oh sexy, girlfriend!” on the label; the Pinot will say “No more yanky my wanky!”

Correctly pick which one is the spoof in the comments below and win our admiration and a free six-month subscription to this web site!

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11 Responses to “This week in wine! Palin, college students, perfume, Long Duk Dong”

  1. Gotta be D. Talk about impossible wines for pairing! I heard Arnold is coming out with a GewurzTerminator soon after his governor gig is a wrap, though.

  2. “Why is there sex education and not viticultural education?”

    This fits perfectly with the logic and investigation I found in Professeur Pitte’s recent book on Bordeaux and Burgundy.

  3. It is the last story on the Long Duk Dong. He wasn’t famous before and he is not famous now. Therefore the ability to cash in on his celebrity is imposssible – just like the story!

  4. D seems like the obvious fake. I am still in shock about Colgin, though!

  5. Definitely D.

    I’m still not sure why C even happened. There was no attempt to discuss industry issues. It was just another stump speech, indistinguishable from her political speeches. It wouldn’t have made any difference if it is Palin or Obama or anyone else – make your speech relevant to the audience.

  6. Aww, man… please tell me that D is for real!!!

  7. Perfume. Who would spend over $1200.00 an ounce for a perfume that’s not even French?

  8. Gotta be Chateau Longuedoc Dong!

  9. I think it’s A

  10. I’m with D. But definitely had to go back and think hard on the others!

  11. D. But my checkbook is ready if Gedde decides to sell wine.


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