Explosion, On the Rocks, lightest bottle, millennials – sipped and spit

BLOWN: box wine
After news of an implosion yesterday, today we bring you an explosion for all your demolition needs. (Via @upgradetravel)

SIPPED: Jancis, rocked
A German sommelier who goes by the nom de internet of Finkus Bripp drops by Jancis Robinson’s house to interview her. No exploding microwaves, sadly, but worth a look nonetheless. [Wine on the Rocks]

SIPPED: slim bottles
The wine bottle makes good on its resolution to lose weight: Tesco introduces an ultralight glass bottle that weighs just 300g, or, significantly less than normal bottles. That means more wine shipped around the world, and less packaging. Take a look at the bottle over on wineanorak.com.

SIPPED: more freedom of shipping
A federal appeals court affirmed a lower court’s ruling that Massachusetts law could not offer free shipping to in-state wineries over 30,000 gallons a year while preventing out-of-state wineries from shipping. Wineries producing more than the 12,618 case limit rejoiced at the ruling–as did free trading consumers. [AP]

SIPPED: the “new normal”
What’s in store for the wine biz? “Slow growth, lower prices and younger fans who are drinking more at home than at fancy restaurants.” [Wines & Vines]

SIPPED and SPIT: new wineries
The number of new wineries in the USA increased by six percent, according to Wine Business Monthly. Although this is up, the growth slowed to from 15 and 10 percent in 2006 and 2007, respectively. It was the same growth rate as last year. Related question: does the US need six percent more wineries?

SIPPED: Discussion
Randy and Kaz, the hosts of WineBizRadio invited me on last week to talk about my post about wine samples at the Wine Advocate.

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4 Responses to “Explosion, On the Rocks, lightest bottle, millennials – sipped and spit”

  1. Wow, what an explosion. I kind of want to try that.


  2. So what’s the carbon footprint of that box of wine now?


    P.S. I’ve got to try that! (maybe outside)

  3. Funny! Should I have said “don’t try this at home — at least without recording it for youtube.”

    Btw, I should add that if you read the comments over on youtube, many commenters dispute the authenticity of the video (note the plates shifting shelves, among other details). But those who posted it say it is real.

  4. Mr Finkus Bripp make the good start of video but tip must be shared for victory in competition of MICROWAVE EXPLOSION:

    1 Eliminate dialogues of talking – it is the ridiculous boring

    2 Rock needs much harder – something that is wrong with SCORPIONS?!!!

    3 Get young girl in bikini

    Then you have video.


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