Video wine reviews from Sadat X

Sadat X, a niche hip hop artist, has taken up wine reviewing. The segments are concise and involve neither a dump bucket nor stemware. For more videos in the Sadat X oeuvre, head on over to Rockss and Fruit for a compendium.

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12 Responses to “Video wine reviews from Sadat X”

  1. Really? I only had that wine a 6 on the fu*$ed up-ness. Oh well, to each his own.

  2. Most wine tasteseses better out of the bottle.

  3. Did he do the sniffy-sniff off camera? If not that may have led to the 7 rather than an 8. In all seriousness I’m impressed with his choice of wine (varietal, producer and region) which has been a solid value for years.

  4. Yeah, I actually really liked that wine that he chose. I just found his metrics to be rather…, interesting.

  5. While I’ll agree with the thrust of the review — that Cusumano makes a good Nero d’Avola — his methodology is… unique.

  6. I just realized where I have been going wrong all these years. Got to get that t-shirt and start drinking direct from “da boddle”. I knew about the f..ked up factor years ago.

  7. If you click around some of the other videos in his series, you’ll see that aside from the effed up factor, he also has a “toilet bowl factor.” The one I saw with that was, mercifully for the wine, zero.

  8. His use of the “toilet bowl factor” is pretty funny because I take it that he is referencing jailhouse wine (which is made in the toilet bowl).

  9. Wine in a toilet? I guess toilets do have that automated swirl function called flushing.

  10. How about Sadat X for wine person of the decade. He’s way more fun than those stuffed shirts and academic numb nuts we’re all stuck with. My shop will now have a “f…u” factor for the good stuff and the toilet bowl factor for new world wines.

  11. and here we all were fussing about and fighting over the 100-point scale when all the while sadat x was working on something that would revolutionize the wine world – the “fu*$ed up factor”. genius.

  12. Hey folks,
    The f*#ked up factor is our rating to the Byte that the wine has. The toilet bowl factor is our rating system for how long you will be throwing up if the particular wine gets you ripped enough.
    here is a link to our newest episode if you havent been following.
    Sadat X and Will Tell the True wine connoisseur’s Ep.3 season 2 –


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