Some summer wine picks – and

Shiraz and Chardonnay account for half of the vineyard acres planted in Australia. For a quick taste of how the other half drinks, check out a piece that I wrote for

And if you’re feeling summery, surf on over to the James Beard blog for five of my summer wine picks.

But to reward all of you site readers here with some wine picks, I organized and led a fun tasting of seven summery wines last week at a residence on the Upper East Side. I’ll paste the list of wines below for your perusing, from lightest to fullest, with some reactions from the folks in attendance. Incidentally, as I was talking about rosé being the ultimate lunch wine, especially if it was lunch outside under an umbrella, one woman had a funny quip: Who actually has lunches like that? Ah, perhaps we need an impossible wine-place pairing: the office!

Nino Franco, Rustico, Prosecco. $16. very popular
Broadbent selections, Vinho Verde, 2008, $10. sort of popular
Binner, Gewurztraminer, 2005. $25. I liked it a lot, they didn’t (probably too rich for a warm evening)
Bernard Baudry, rosé, Chinon, 2008. $17 popular
Marcel Lapierre, Morgon, 2007. $24. A delicious wine, unanimously loved
Rossignol-Trapet, Bourgogne rouge, 2006. $23 very popular
Les Hérétiques, vin de pays de l’Hérault, 2007. $8 very popular

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5 Responses to “Some summer wine picks – and”

  1. Tyler,

    Nice job using the “Capitalist Tool” to capitalize on your Aussie trip. I enjoyed the SUV vs Mustang, and Dr Stangelove allusions. How old ARE you?????

  2. Cut the crap, this is a blog about wine… Try any of the wines mentioned. If you can put together a solid argument against what Tyler says then fair play to you sir… I may be a biased Australian but these are bloody fantastic wines that deserve recognition!

  3. I often wonder how blog comment threads devolve into vitriol. Now I find myself on the receiveing end.

    My comment was meant as a compliment. I am a long-time fan and am pleased whenever Tyler ventures out beyond the Dr. Vino platform. I also know (as anyone who reads this blog should) that Tyler has a well-developed sense of humor. In this spirit, my final comment was meant as friendly joshing — I grew up with Mustangs and Dr. Strangelove, and I know I have a few years on Tyler.

    If my original comment came across as critical, I am sincerely sorry.

  4. Hey Mr Taz – Glad you liked it–I’ll try to squeeze in a Charlie Chaplin reference in the next one to show my true age! Er, wait…

    Hey entwines – Glad you like the wines I recommended! But I don’t think Mr Taz really warranted that kind of reaction. Hold your fire!

  5. Whoops, our comments crossed in the ether. Thanks for the follow up comment, Mr Taz!


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