Caption this: Battle of Wine


Writing in today’s WSJ, Melanie Grayce West describes the annual “Rioja rumble” known as the Batalla del Vino, or battle of wine: “After mass, the melee on the hillside begins and red wine is fired from buckets, jugs, water guns, crop sprayers and any other vessel possible—the goal is to drench everyone in sight with red wine.” The town of Haro graciously provides the wine. The photo from the event, held on June 29 this year, begs your captioning–sound off in the comments!

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15 Responses to “Caption this: Battle of Wine”

  1. Genetically engineered cattle for the Purple People Eater

  2. The Running of the Bobals.

  3. […] Dr Vino explains the rationale behind this red wine melee. <link> […]

  4. Such mixed emotions. One the one hand; what a waste of good wine (maybe it isn’t so good), on the other; what fun! This photo made my day.

  5. This is a stain remover’s cross-promotion dream.

  6. Better Red than dead.

  7. Did Barney eat some sour grapes?

  8. I wish I’d been there (with a waterproof camera of course)……
    They really know how to “faire la fête” and have fun in Spain, great festive way to celebrate wine, we should do the same in France, maybe in Languedoc because the wine is cheaper there (you need to, to spray it in the street). The vignerons’ unions or whatever wine-lobbying organizations could find there a way to make wine fashionable again for the young people.

  9. Funny captions here! I’m reminded of The Economist’s headline from a few years ago: “glug, glug, glut.”

    And, Bertrand, a nice comparative observation.

  10. ♫ Wine drops keep falling on my head, they keep fallin’ … ♫

  11. […] Check out Melanie Grayce West’s commentary on the annual wine melee last week in the Wall Street Journal  , as well as the comments of Dr. Vino. […]

  12. Haro ready to rumble?

  13. Giving new meaning to Purple Rain….

  14. “The most fun you’ll ever have spilling wine,” according the NY Times
    “Makes us rethink the Super-Soaker-as-a-decanter!” quoth the Washington Post
    “Like Jesus blessed a massive water balloon fight!” said BBC.
    “62 points,” grunted Jay Miller.

  15. This just wouldn’t work with Chardonnay!


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