Would you, could you in a box?

fancyboxwineSales of three-liter box wine are growing at a 32% clip. Compare that to 4% growth in the overall wine market. Sign o’ the times!

Why not make that box all fancy? Site reader Damon writes in to say he has made some hardwood cabinets for box wine: take the plastic bladder out of the box and drop it into an oak model that sits on the counter ($200) or a floor-standing model made from purpleheart and birch ($250). He describes them further: “The interior of the cabinets has a stone finish with a sloped floor, which keeps the bladder flowing until it is empty. I will make these custom for people out of any hardwoods that you want, with any finish wanted.”

Would you, could you in a fancy box? Or same old box wine in a new container?

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UPDATE: After a couple of requests via email and with Damon’s approval from Whitefish, MT, his email address is fosterfitness@centurytel.net.

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8 Responses to “Would you, could you in a box?”

  1. Here’s a funny story about Wine from a Box. So at work one of my co-workers was telling me about their friends. Who had to stop buying bottles of wine and switched to boxes of wine…Get this because it was to expensive drinking 2 bottles of wine a night, now its just cheaper to drink one box of wine.

  2. This is a reply to anyone who might be interested in the custom wineboxes that are featured on this site. I have several more styles and colors, with more coming soon. I should have a website up soon to showcase what we are making. I would be happy to send pictures to anyone who is interested. My e-mail is fosterfitness@ centurytel.net

  3. That’s a neat idea, Damon. Packaging is the biggest stigma facing boxed wines, but your idea tackles that perception issue directly. An ornate container could make people less apprehensive to serve the purchase of a boxed wine at a gathering.

  4. I could not, would not, in a box!

    But I did get a chuckle out of this since I read that book to my 2 year old son just last night!


  5. I have a custom built wine box by Damon. It is the finishing touch to my Tuscan kitchen (mine has corks all around the outside of the box) and is counter height. I love surprising everyone with my beautiful showpiece that also pours wine! Here in Colorado we can get boxed wine from about 10 different vintners. I encourage everyone to keep asking at their local liquor store for the boxed wine. It is better for the environment (especially if you recycle the cardboard) and better for me because the wine will store opened for up to 6 weeks (with no degradation in taste). Keep up the good work Damon and spread the word. 🙂

  6. I love the Damon Box- What a great idea!! Where do I get one?

  7. What a great box. Much more sightly than the usual ole box. Good job!

  8. I’ve seen his work and it is excellent. always remember what the late g. carlin would remind us “wonderful WINO”.


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