New sugar free wine – have your say!

slenderA new series of wines from Indiana (search for “Slender” wines) claims to be sugar free, using a non-caloric sweetner instead for all their wine sweetening needs. As their press release states, “even though [the sweetner] has the identical flavor spectrum as sugar, it has no side effects because it cannot be metabolized by the human body.”

Mmm! Nothing says good times like putting indigestible things that you put in your mouth–or a Chenin Blanc rosé (?!?) or a glass of sweet Rubired, the rosé and the red in the lineup of so-called Slender wines. Just to crank it up a notch, they also note that it “prevents tooth decay.” And, people, we might have a new finalist for this year’s worst wine label contest!

But since most of wine’s calories actually come from the alcohol in it, perhaps the ultimate diet wine is a dealcohlized wine with some indigestible sweetner?

Site reader James wrote in with the tip and side order of outrage: “It’s got a Splenda nose! A real Sweet ’N’ Low note on the finish. AAAAAHHHHHHH. File it under Wine of the Apocalypse.”

Riffing off the famed late harvest wine, I’d have to go with Trockenbeerensaccharinelese. And you?

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39 Responses to “New sugar free wine – have your say!”

  1. OMG, what a joke! Next thing is adding some Omega 3 in the wine! ;0

  2. Diet wines??? You’re kidding me! But honestly, I was just talking to a friend about this very subject the other day, meaning I was wondering when someone was going to come up with “light” or “figure-friendly” wine. Of course, I was actually making a joke at the time. I had no idea someone had actually done this. It seems a bit like blasphemy, as there’s no way faux sugar is not going to affect the flavor profile of your wine, negatively I would think. Then again, I suppose there are a lot of people out there that don’t really care about such things.

    Like you, I’m not sure I really see the point, as — like you said — most of the calories in wine come from the alcohol content and not the sugar. It’s obviously more of a ploy to peddle more wine to the diet-obsessed. I find that a lot of people honestly have little idea of how many calories can be packed into alcohol itself, even if they are watching their figures like hawks.

    What won’t they think of next? I’d jokingly suggest something outlandish, but then I’m sure to see it on the shelf tomorrow.

  3. I too was joking about this the other day. It seems that all around me people are talking about and going on diets!!! I thought to myself, I wonder if the wine industry will respond to these diet-crazed consumers… and there you go… sugar-free wine… I wonder if it will work?
    How will it compare to other diet foods?
    What will be next? Wines with nutritional labels… possibly fortified with nutrients and minerals?

  4. Sounds like they’re sweetening with xylitol if they’re claiming it helps prevent tooth decay.

  5. Maybe the producers of dry wines should just start advertising them as “sugar free”. I can see it now…Chateau Leoville Poyferré – now 99.6% sugar free!

  6. Why don’t they just go all the way with this idea and make little single-serving packets of instant powdered wine a la Crystal Light?

  7. FYI, Brown-Forman tried something like this a while ago with their “low carb” one.6 chardonnay and one.9 merlot, which was actually funny because it had more calories than “regular” wine. Not to mention that a ruling later allowed any wine with 7 grams of carbs or less to call itself “low carb.” Hence, ALL DRY WINES ARE LOW CARB! Nonetheless, the label is a tragedy…the designer should be tarred and feathered.

  8. […] läskipotentiaali löytyy sokerin sijasta sen sisältämästä alkoholista, kuten aihetta ruotinut Dr. Vino aiheellisesti huomauttaa. Vaan mene ja tiedä: kukaties saamme pian todistaa myös keinomakeutetun […]

  9. Since when are artificial sweeteners on the ATF’s list of approved additives to wine? I would like to see the wine’s label. Whether or not it is a legal additive, this vintners is really helping make the case for ingredient labeling on wine.

  10. Vile.

  11. No.

  12. I don’t see anything objectionable about this wine. FYI, many winemakers who sweeten their wines with cane sugar will then add potassium sorbate to the wine, to prevent refermentation. Yum…sorbates. Choose your poison.

  13. I don’t understand. Sugar-free? Isn’t wine made through the fermentation of said sugars? Aren’t those natural sugars a key part of what makes the wine stand out as a wine from its specific origin? Will not the terroir of this now be indicative of something like ‘Factory 8, assembly line 4?’ I understand that beer has a diet or light category, however, that’s not only handled differently, but just doesn’t seem to have a place in how wine is made.

  14. Oh yes, just what we need. Another imitation food. Is nothing sacred at all? Don’t mess with the wine. Sacarine (or whatever) based wine…is just not a wine. It’s a fadist ‘drink’.

  15. I think it is a great idea. I have not tried it but being a diabetic it is nice to have a glass of wine and not worry about it affecting my blood sugar.

  16. Gary are you serious? You should be very careful with alcohol if you’re a diabetic, despite the sugar level.

  17. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this wine is supposedly going to the Diabetes Foundation and I am wondering what they would have to say about it. I have ordered 3 bottles to try and make my own decision.

  18. I love this idea of a more figure friendly wine, however it does not seem that it has been 100% accomplished yet since it does not taste that great. I also think when you drink wine you should enjoy it and the people and the goof you are eating. I was reading an article on the and they were talking about eating healthy on the road. they mentioned wine and suggested just having a glass with dinner, something that compliments the menu selection. This may be what we have to do to stay slender and forget sugar free wine.

  19. bouth my wife and myself are dibatic and a sugar free wine would be great.

  20. Has anybody thought of the people that like wine but can’t drink it because there diabetic. A sugar free wine would allow them to enjoy something they been missing since they were diagnosed with diabetes. Thanks David

  21. Where can you purchase the sugar free wine in Baltimore Maryland Pikesville or Owings Mills Md?

  22. Where to purchase sugarfree wine in Balto. Md. Pikesville Md. or Owings Mills Md

  23. Here is a link to more details on the sweetener. Now not to defend, but they have created a sweet wine, that is sugar free. Not everyone likes dry wines and the sweet wines have quite a following.

    This is an interesting alternate.

  24. A lot of my family members are life long diabetics and have lost several to the disease so anything that helps to give them enjoyment and not send them into a comma is good with me.

  25. Does normal red wine like Merlot have artificial sweetener in it or just the fruity wines like arbor mist or boone’s farm lol?

  26. Wait a second…I was just reading artificial sweetener could be worse than natural sweetener because it causes your body to get hyped like you are getting sugar when you are not. Weird stuff..

  27. I think a sugar free wine is GREAT for people who are diabetic and can’t drink wine because it is high in sugar.

  28. What about those diabetics and low carbers who cannot have wine…perhaps these sugar free ones give them the opportunity to have some wine…if you don’t like it, don’t buy it for yourself, but allow others the option.

  29. i would love to have sugar free wine. my triggs. are high to much sugar. my husband is a diabetic and love wine but cant drink much. this would be great.

  30. anything made specifically for diabetics is a license to print money. i drink red wine, it does not affect my bg’s. being diabetic is NOT a reason to exclude anything. everything can be enjoyed but in moderation. the manufacturers of these products have stuck a ‘sugar free’ label. any educated diabetic knows that diabetes is not all about sugar. any of you people who think that it is ‘all about sugar’ need to reducate yourselves. stop googling ‘sugar free’ and google this instead.

  31. I’ll try it. Now I don’t have to drink diet sprite or some such at special occasions.


  33. I’ve had this wine, Slender Red, and believe it or not, it’s awesome. I’ve had some fine wines in my day, and for the price, 10.99 a bottle, this stuff is amazing. No sugar? No carbs? Does it get any better than this? My only disappointment is that I live in NYC and they don’t sell it here.

  34. i would love to try this. As a diabetic it would be great to be able to drink anything again. Where can I buy it on Long Island NY?

  35. Its not a joke if you were just diagnosed with diabetes and you are a wine lover.You have to look for low suger to no suger solutions. I love wine!

  36. I just tried the blush a couple of days ago and it was actually really good. I hate artificial sugar too!! also it was about a $10 bottle

  37. As a diabetic, I am thrilled to be able to drink a sugar free wine. I love my glass or two in the evening, but my blood sugar is very high the next morning. This is a great idea for the many of us who can have little to no carbs in our diet.

  38. The question I have is a more fundamental one…unrelated to diabetic needs. So the wine lacks *extra* sugar (and can safely be called carb-free because of that), but alcohol itself is based in ethanol…which is sugar alcohol…that occurs in wine-making when the fruit from which the wine is made ferments.

    Can someone (anyone) provide thoughts on this? I would love to be able to drink wine (and do on very rare occasions), but I abstain as much as I can from *sugar* (fructose, in this case, and any refined sugars) as much as I possibly can. Seems to me that ANY wine would violate that at the outset because of the ethanol itself.

  39. I have had the white didn’t care for it. I’ve had the blush and it was OK. But the red is the best and I would like to find out where I could order some more please. Could u mail me and let me know how to order some more. Thank you .Sharon Clark


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