Resveratrol binge: Strange Cru, part 2

bobanddougRemember resveratrol and its life extending qualities, guilt-free gluttony and cardiovascular-improving sloth in laboratory mice? Oh yeah, that was if had the equivalent of 35 bottles of red wine a day.

Such is the premise for a hysterical essay in the “shouts and murmurs” column in the New Yorker. The author, Noah Baumbach, pretends to go on a bender with his mouse and the drunk dialing, sloth-inducing binge is well worth the read. It’s even better than my screenplay, Strange Cru.

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8 Responses to “Resveratrol binge: Strange Cru, part 2”

  1. You need to title it Strange Cru 2: Electric Boogaloo, for full effect.

  2. What a great article! Thanks for the link. This is my first time here, but what a great, informative blog. I’m only a casual wine drinker, but you’ve got some good info here. I’ll be back.

  3. Funny article! Laughed my as& off! The beauty of resveratrol is that you don’t have to drink all that wine (I guess that is a benefit?). You can buy resveratrol in pure form and get all the benefits of 35 bottles in one pill. Keep up the great site.

  4. My favorite line from the column had to be: “I call my wife and tell her I’m going to sleep at the lab. She reminds me that she left me a week ago.” It’s so matter-of-fact and sudden–very funny; it knocks you flat as 35 bottles in one day would.

  5. Excuse me. Where can we buy resveratrol in pill form?

  6. Walgreen’s has resveratrol… $9.99

  7. […] about red wine and lab rats. The subject of the piece tonight was about resveratrol (it’s everywhere!), a component found naturally in red wine that may hold the key to a longer, more slothful life in […]

  8. […] SPIT: non-wine resveratrol GlaxoSmithKline paid $720 for a start-up company that was developing a “red wine pill,” or a concentrated dose of resveratrol developed by the red-wine hater David Sinclair. Reuters reports that clinical trials of SRT501 have been suspended because of “unexpected safety events.” Back to red wine for all your resveratrol needs? Just don’t end up like the guy with the mouse from the NYer. […]


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