Caption this: smashing mood!

I have no idea if this photo is real or if it is Memorex. But it looks like not the best way to open a bottle. (That damn Rabbit is so hard!)

Hit the comments with your caption!

(click photo to enlarge; via reddit, ht Mark)

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32 Responses to “Caption this: smashing mood!”

  1. I believe it is one of a series of Chilean winemakers opening bottles of wine as asked by the photographer!

  2. And now, a dramatic interpretation of “bottle shock.”

  3. Ow! My head!

  4. I think the guy got upset and didn’t want to share his wine. “It’s mine! You can’t have any.”

  5. Am I bleeding?

  6. Now, to assess the full range aromas – don’t be afraid to stick your nose DEEP into the glass…

  7. Well, that fly will never land on his nose again.

  8. Tyler:Dear, please don’t bother me right now, I feel like my head is going to explode.
    Mrs. Vino: Impossible- all you ever think about is wine…(after Tyler’s head does explode)…see, what did I tell you!

  9. Disgusting!

  10. I’m gonna need a bottle of wine after this…

  11. Outtakes from the new instructional video on opening a bottle of wine with your bare hands.

  12. Read wine headache the old fashioned way.

  13. It looks like Bluto’s son, who is in his 9th
    year as an Enology student at Faber College in front of Delta house.
    Happy Holidays !

  14. It looks like Bluto’s son, who is in his 9th
    year as an Enology student at Faber College, in front of Delta house.
    Happy Holidays !

  15. Resveratrol my ass! I could have had a V8!

  16. The most compelling argument I’ve seen in favor of screwcaps…

  17. Study Proves Red Wine Causes Headaches.

  18. The sign said “In case of emergency break GLASS” not Bottle!


    The good news is that Bill is now seaworthy, the bad news is he lives in Kansas.

  19. “I… LOVE THIS WINE!”

  20. “Do I still have to pay corkage?”

  21. “Doh!!!”

    (Apologies to Homer Simpson)

  22. Ooops! Almost forgot to add the crucial bone and dander notes!

  23. watch me crush this wine bottle on my head.

  24. After the last bottle, Tyler had a really sore head. Smashing wine, though!

  25. If it were a photograph in an exhibition; I’d call it “Red Overhead”.

    (But just to cover my own Intellectual Property issues: I’m doing a series of paintings entitled exactly that; which look nothing like this photograph.)

  26. Apparently, gentlemen prefer [to be] redheads.

  27. Where do you people find these images of mine? They are not in public domain and are fully copyrighted! beware of using images that you do not own. Us photographers who have agents have some power to sue.

  28. Hi Matt,

    By “you people,” I assume you mean reddit since that’s where I stated that I found it?

    As you can see, our intention here with this image was to have some fun. And, 26 comments in, I think you can see that we’ve done that.

    Now that you’ve informed us that you are the photographer, perhaps we can turn it into a bit of publicity for you too: everyone check out Matt’s web site at! I particularly like the winemaker portraits, which are much more original than the usual staid poses in front of rows of vines. Since reddit really is a traffic tsunami, maybe you would want to submit some of the watermarked photos to reddit yourself to drive traffic to your own site? Anyway, hopefully this credit is enough to let us keep up this reduced size, cropped version of your impressive image.

    Perhaps you could let us know the backstory–how you did it, who is the subject in the photo, and just how many stitches did he require afterward?


  29. Ok as Dr Vino has been cool and explained how the image was obtained! I will explain it a bit.

    Two years ago I was commissioned by a Chilean magazine called La CaV to make three portraits of winemaker Grant Phelps, a Kiwi who lives and works in Chile. Infact him and me are the only Gringo inhabitants of Santa Cruz.
    For the shoot we bought 12 breakaway glass bottles from a store in Hollywood California. The bottles cost sixty US dollars each, more than most wines, though much more entertaining than MOST wines as well.

    We filled the bottles with Syrah and had Grant smash them with either his head or his fist. The head ones (As in the one above) were considered too violent to publish.

    The PDF of the article can be downloaded from my website. Under La CaV side heading “Publications”

    Hope this explains it for you.


  30. Caption: That’s going to be one really bad hangover…

  31. I should also add that my wifes a winemaker and her Clos Apalta 05 was just voted Best Wine in 2008 in Wine Spectator! Go get some if you can and drink it in about 2015.

  32. Matt-

    Thanks for the explanation. Some of those bottles could be fun stunts at a garden party! But the $60 is, er, sobering.

    Very good news about your wife and her recent acclaim! Glad you have found a fun life there in Chile.



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