This bottle sucks

babybottleIntrigued by the notion that an entire restaurant will be opening in Manhattan tonight with baby bottles for stemware, I decided to try this vessel out for myself. Since we have two lads, one of whom is baby bottle age, I had to go no farther than my own kitchen.

Filling it up with some red from last night, I took a sip of the wine before screwing on the lid. Still passable on day two. I screwed on the lid. I sucked.

Mrs. Vino: “Obscene!”

Me: “Frustrating!”

It was kind of like having a governor on your car that prevents it from going over 50 miles per hour. Or 5 miles per hour as the case may be since a mere drip escaped at a time.

I tried a fresh aromatic white. Sipped with the lid off, I got lots of nice aromas of tropical fruits etc. Once I screwed on the rubber nipple, those aromas were trapped! I felt like one of those subjects in the Cal Tech study. Yes, it’s a $100 wine! Whatever you tell me! Just give it to me in a glass!

Prediction: within a week, the restaurant will be offering normal stemware as well.

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7 Responses to “This bottle sucks”

  1. I went to a restaurant in Paris once that served wine in baby bottles. There was no menu; you simply chose red or white. It was a quirky, fun, crowded place on Montmatre… I think it was called Le Refuge du Fondue, but I don’t remember exactly.

    Anyways, you would be happy to know that there were holes cut in the tips of the bottles so that it came out much more quickly. I’m not sure if this is what the Manhattan restaurant will be doing, but it seems it would be wise!

  2. Prediction: junior will grab mommy’s Chateau Latour for a guzzle and have to go for detox, restaurant shut down due to the lawsuit… 🙁

  3. It seems that the baby bottle is an inferior option no matter what you are drinking.

  4. …………………………….

  5. […] Dr. Vino, intrigued by news that a Manhattan restaurant will be serving wines in baby bottles, tries it out at home. He predicts that “within a week, the restaurant will be offering normal stemware as […]

  6. For those of you just landing here, see our previous discussion about the restaurant for understanding what double entendre makes this work better in Paris.

  7. I think you illustrated a great point about the limitations placed on the wine by the bottle from an aromatic perspective. This can really short change the experience.


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