Regress with baby bottles at new fondue restaurant

Earlier this year we talked about those juice boxes for adults aka wine in Tetra Pak. Now you can regress even further, straight past sippy cups. Yes, via Diner’s Journal we learn that the new fondue restaurant, La Cave des Fondus (20 Prince Street in Nolita) will offer red and white wine (and beer) in baby bottles. Perhaps the only thing scarier is the fact that this restaurant comes from Paris. Yes, Paris! Check out the video to see how much they love it there!

So when will Riedel get into the baby bottle market?

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19 Responses to “Regress with baby bottles at new fondue restaurant”

  1. This looks like a fun novelty, but it’s also just that. It’s certainly something to try once, but I don’t know what the return rate of repeat customers would be for something like this.

  2. I went to this restaurant in Paris when I was a student in 1989. As far as I know it’s been there quite a long time — my mother told me about it from a trip she had taken years before. It’s a riot.

  3. ***It should be noted that the Parisians establishment serves wine in baby bottles to avoid the French tax on wine served in glasses. While Parisians most likely appreciate this little tax dodge and go along with the slap-government-in-the-face humor, the activity may not hold the same charm with New Yorkers since the baby bottle will incur the same tax as an elegant piece of stemware.

  4. I have also been to the Paris version, in Monmartre, I believe it’s called “Le Refuge de Fondue.” Is the New York spot actually owned and operated by the same people? Curious.

  5. No, the owner of the New York establishment is just replicating the one in Paris.

  6. Personally, drinking wine from a baby bottle sounds thoroughly unappetizing!

    A) It actually takes skill to suck stuff from bottles and I don’t want to put that much work into sipping/sucking wine!

    B) Won’t holding the bottle make the wine inside all warm?

    C) Isn’t there just something wrong with sitting around with your buddies and their baby bottles? Regresssion? I’m afraid what might come of it all 😉

  7. Jody – Thanks for the important info on the tax angle on the Paris resto! Whoda thunk that the would have such a tax?

  8. One thing about sipping wine in baby bottles is that my nine month old (with milk in hers of course) will feel right at home with mommy and daddy drinking their “grape juice” out of the same thing.

    I’m getting a set of these for the house! Glass of course.

  9. Although I understand the reason for the ingenuity in France it makes no sense here, and honestly sounds vile…..I’d sooner drink moonshine than drink a wine that tastes like a rubber nipple.

  10. I don’t think the owner of the establishment understood why it was being done in France. It’s not a trend there, more of a slap in the face to the French government for taxing wine by the glass. Patron’s get the joke…transplant the activity to New York and it’s just stupid…I should think especially to the French, I would think!

  11. I find this rather…. disturbing….

  12. I, too, have been to the French version of this, back in 2001. While an enjoyable experience, drinking wine from a baby bottle was gross – I couldn’t help thinking about how many other mouths had sucked on that particular rubber teat. Now that I understand why they do that, sure it’s funny – but I’d rather pay $x more for a real glass!

  13. This is disgusting, just proving that more children should have been breast fed.

  14. […] by the notion that an entire restaurant will be opening in Manhattan tonight with baby bottles for stemware, I decided to try this vessel out for myself. Since we have two lads, one of whom is baby bottle […]

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  16. I went to the French restaurant when I was in college 10ish years ago. My friends and I had a blast that night and to this day I tell people about that experience. At the French version, the rubber tips were cut off, so you were not really sucking on the tip through a pin-size hole, but through through large straw-size hole. That said, I’m disappointed that the idea has been duplicated here. It’s not fresh, it doesn’t have the tax benefit, it feels gimmick-y and for refined palates, it is outright gross.

  17. i like it wine in baby bottles is a very cute idia

  18. Nice I love the baby bottle idia!!I will have to check this out!!!..

  19. The Paris restaurant is beyond fun! Some of my most memorable evenings have been spent here and I have to visit when I’m back in Paris. I don’t think it’s an idea that could be replicated outside of Montmatre and the history of crazy drinking that goes along with that area of Paris…absinthe!?! Not even sure it would catch on here in Scotland!


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