Tell us about your wine blog and the WBC – elevator pitch

Last weekend there were lots of bottles–and discussion–uncorked in Sonoma at what might be considered the ultimate “offline:” the inaugural Wine Bloggers’ Conference.

The Open Wine Consortium organized the two-day event, which, unfortunately, I couldn’t attend. But 150 or more bloggers were there and many of them were new to blogging.

I have read some of the posts about the conference but mostly I read about it on Twitter, the microblogging platform that limits entries to 140 characters (follow my updates on Twitter; search twitter for #wbc to find posts from the conference). So taking a page from Darren Rowse’s successful recent posting, let’s hear your report from the WBC here in the comments. And in Twitter style, try to make your microreport 140 characters or less.

If you were like me and couldn’t make it there either, don’t let that stop you from getting in on the commenting fun! Tell us about your blog (wine or not) in an elevator pitch in the comments here. There are so many new blogs, it’s always good to hear about the newest directions, particularly for wine! Hopefully we can all find some new blogs to check out.

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29 Responses to “Tell us about your wine blog and the WBC – elevator pitch”

  1. We participated in the Wine Tasting event on Friday and were elated to do so! Love the feedback we are getting and already look forward to the next event!

  2. Attendees are posting links here:

    Sorry you couldn’t make it!

  3. The best moments of the conference came when we all just hung out and shared wine with each other. Twitter was also the star of the weekend!

  4. WBC was an amazing experience. No matter whether you were a blogger or “other,” there was something for everyone. Read more on my blog.

    Sorry you couldn’t make it Dr. You were missed.

  5. Tyler-I have a new wine company in Napa that is just getting off the ground. I enjoy following wine blogs and our website,, is set up with a blog as the centerpiece. The goal is to share the trials and tribulations of a new and underfunded winery (and sell wine)! I’m a definite rookie so thanks for the opportunity to plug this…

    Ted Henry

  6. I attended just about everything, recorded many many hours of audio, and left feeling exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.

    A retrospective will go up on Wine Biz Radio starting in December, when we go on hiatus. Yay!

  7. I’m a wine retailer Baltimore, MD. I’ve been doing a e-newsletter for my customers for years, but am a rookie to the blog game. We’ll see where this all takes me. Dr. Vino’s a great resource for wine/blog geeks, so thanks for allowing me to shamelessly plug my own website.

  8. Farmstead Wines represents sustainable farmers. We go beyond the glass to understand the process and provenance of great wine. WBC was great


  10. The conference was great! Wish you could have joined us. And thanks for the opportunity to plug our blog.

    Wine Peeps – helping you get the best bang for your buck in wine.

  11. Next year we need you there to give a keynote on increasing reader participation! Meeting everyone in person was the best part of #wbc.

  12. It was a great experience! I think I’d like to see a touch more downtime next year.

  13. After a cycling trip to Tuscany in ’06 I was hooked, now have a wine blog and site … taste it, write about it… meeting great people and having FUN.

  14. Wow, sounds like a great event, I’m sorry I missed it.
    I started a blog in May called IMBIBE NEW YORK,
    where I write about wine bars and boutiques in the city.
    I include infrequent trips to New York wineries and reviews about wine, and plenty of photographs!


  15. Check out

  16. Tyler: I am happy to say that it was even more than I expected. The attendees were serious about learning and communicating to others about the joys of enjoying wine in general and Sonoma wine specifically. The sessions were intelligent, well thought out and also very interesting. It is exciting to get new blood in the field and hear how the next generation is as passionate about wine as I have been for more than 20 years. Cheers!

  17. Tyler – The paint is hardly dry on my blog, dougwilder – the purely domestic wine blog, as it launched the day before WBC. It will focus exclusively on independent reviews for domestic wine.

    I was surprised today when I checked Google rankings for “domestic wine ratings blog” and saw I ranked first, yet only ranked third behind Robert Parker and CellarTracker! when I removed the word blog. There is something about blogging I think I like!

    Sorry to have missed you at WBC. Gary V’s keynote was inspiring. See you at Meadowood in February?

  18. Hi Tyler,

    I’m a 22 year old Marketing/Advertising student that just graduated college this past May. I spent my Summer working and living on a mountain top vineyard in Sonoma County known as Tin Cross Vineyards.

    Since then, I’ve been writing posts for I reflect on our experiences working/living on the vineyard and the wine-making process for the newly launching label, Captûre. I have done a lot of writing, but this was my first time writing for a blog and it has been a blast.

    We recently had harvest and I had a chance to visit the winery where our grapes are being put to Barrel, so the most recent posts focus on that. If people here want to know what the vineyard feels like they only need go through the archive.

  19. Like you, Tyler, I couldn’t make it either, and was green with envy at listening to all the tweets on Twitter! My blog is growing exponentially, and that is in no small part thanks to the other bloggers out there that spread the word:

  20. I, too, had dreams of joining in the fun at WBC, especially as a Canadian wine writer. Perhaps a Canadian version will be hosted in the near future?

    I’m also a noobie to wine blogging, writing on pairing wine with life (food, travel, marriage, family, work, art, etc) at Second Ferment (

  21. Kudos to OWC for hosting the event last weekend! Tough to make the trip from Boston, so I’m hoping WBC’s across the country are in the hopper? I write and host tastings for the love of wine – and sharing it!

  22. There were two “best moments” for me:

    1. The impromtu Anti Conference and 2. The Unconference. I really enjoyed the unconference as it allowed us to discuss current issues in an open forum, unlike the structured break outs.

    Not to mention visiting all of the people I knew from Twitter!

    Check out my opinions on and my pics on OWC!

  23. Let’s have a UK version while we’re at it! Hope to make it next year

  24. WBC was like NYC. The people really made it beautiful.
    Heaps of innovative, irreverent wine lovers sharing ideas and vino.
    Definitely exceeded expectations.
    Did a post at

  25. The conference was a great mix of learning & fun and as a fledgling blogger at, I took away a whole host of great tips. One of the biggest though, was that I need to be on twitter — now I am: mloagogo! 🙂

  26. We were sorry we couldn’t attend either. We are dedicated bloggers, too. My wife and I work together on it. Our blog, Wine Imbiber is a blog dedicated to wine and food, offering advice and recommendations for enhancing your enjoyment of wine and food and entertaining your friends and loved ones. My wife focuses on the food and I focus on the wines. That keeps us both happy! We enjoy your blog and several others. It’s a great way to stay informed.

  27. […] Dr. Vino […]

  28. I wasn’t able to go; instead I attended the two-day seminar by The Wine Academy of Spain. I’m using my blog to chronicle my attempt to become a master of wine. Check it out.

  29. Please check out my wine blog!


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