My new book, A Year of Wine, and a giveaway!

On November 11, an monumental event will occur: No, hopefully it won’t involve a post-election court battle; instead, my newest book will be available!

The book is called A Year of Wine: Perfect Pairings, Great Buys, and What to Sip for Each Season. In it, a collection of essays and hundreds of wine recommendations, I encourage readers to break out of their chardonnay or cabernet rut and drink different by plotting a seasonal arc to their wine consumption. Simon Spotlight Entertainment, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, will publish the book, available November 11 at a retailer near you or on Amazon.

Epicurious flagged it on their short list of books for “thirsty readers” this fall.

If you like this blog, you will love this book! Why? Because I sold the book based on this blog. But since you readers were not there in the book to post comments, I recruited 13 of America’s leading sommeliers to lend their voices to the book with their thoughts on seasonal drinking and perfect pairings.

I’ve just received some finished copies of the book and have three to sign and give away! All you have to do to qualify is post a comment on this posting saying which is your favorite season for drinking wine. And while “all” is certainly an acceptable answer, maybe there’s one that brings particular pleasure to you.

Comments will close on Thursday and Friday I’ll throw all the commenters’ names in a hat and draw three names. So check back then to see if you are among the winners!

See the listing for A Year of Wine: Perfect Pairings, Great Buys, and What to Sip for Each Season on Amazon.

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100 Responses to “My new book, A Year of Wine, and a giveaway!”

  1. I like the summer season the best. This past summer I tried different roses-from pinot noir to dornfelder and liked pretty much all of them. I like all the seasons, but in addition to summer I like the holiday season.

  2. My favorite season is late fall/early winter, the time roughly from Thanksgiving to New Years. This is a major holiday season, when I get together often with friends and family, sharing wine. Such sharing makes the season even more special. This is also a time when I will open some of my more special bottles of wine, ones I have been saving all year, or longer.

  3. Winter

  4. Winter – nothing I love more than heavy blankets, a warm fire, and a glass of wine to stay toasty.

  5. I’d have to go with fall. We just had an amazing fall meal last night with a wine from the Finger Lakes region called Barnyard Red (from the Bully Hill winery). It’s my favorite wine and probably the most perfect for the fall.

  6. I completely agree with Richard, late fall into winter is the best. I think that this is the case for a number of reasons. While fall’s warmer days still work well with lighter reds, it is those chilly nights that allow us to break out the fuller, deeper red wines, which I still feel tend to be the most profound. Then there are the holiday occasions which lend themselves to the “special” bottles, and give even casual drinkers a chance to splurge. Yet another reason is bubbles. The river of champagne and other sparklers that flows around the holidays is just so great really, and many people are just more inclined to pop a cork for “occasions”.
    Perhaps most importantly, whites and even roses have their place in the winter, with lighter fare, with seafood, as apertifs, etc. But in the warmer weather structured reds can often just get murdered by the climate.
    So I say that while there are wines for all seasons, it is the cool weather that is the season for all wines.

  7. As much as I could argue that I like drinking wine throughout the year, I’ll say that I like winter the best. Hearty reds with hearty meals, sparklers around the holidays, and ports and sweet whites sittng by a fire are about as good as it gets.

  8. While enjoying wine throughout the year is a given, fall is my favorite wine-drinking season. The transition from summer to the crisp, contemplative days of autumn make savoring a glass even better than usual.

  9. summer, there is something so refreshing about a nice crisp white wine and a picnic

  10. Not to be redundant, but fall thru’ early winter is my favorite time of year in all regard; especially for drinking wine (mainly earthy reds). Apart from coveted hours in front of the fire place (woodburning-not gas, for the same olfactory reasons one should find in enjoying wine) with a vintage port, it was in fall that I became serious about collecting and enjoying wine. I had just moved in to my first house, and found it had a cool room in the basement that was big enuff’ to store wine. It became a new extension of my existence (my poor wife wasn’t prepared for it) that I continue to find thrilling. So fall-into-winter for me, too.

    Can I have a book now?

  11. Fall and Winter by far. A hearty red and a nice roast (can’t turn the oven on in the heat of summer) is a perfect way to stay warm.

  12. Winter….I love heavy reds, and there is no season like winter to make some cheese fondue and relax near a fire with some vino!

  13. My preferences are similar to those of Sasha. I prefer big reds in the winter. There are not too many things that beat enjoying a nice red and a book while sitting in front of the fireplace.

  14. I’d have to go with fall. Not only does my taste wander back–from the rieslings and sauvignon blancs that we enjoy with lighter fare and hot temps–to reds (of course!), but there’s a great transitional time where heavier “fall” whites hit the spot.

    Yesterday evening we enjoyed a CdP blanc on our screened in porch, watching the leaves fall (which means more raking for me, unfortunately) and welcoming that wonderful mix of still-warm sunshine an a crisp midwestern fall breeze. Perfection.

  15. Summer, because you can be a man and get away with drinking a chilled rose

  16. Summer. While I definitely agree with the above comments regarding those heavier reds, I find summer just to be a relaxing time and there are so many versatile wines that not only pair really well with summer fare or are just quaffable with friends, but many wines that just aren’t as readily available the rest of the year from the rose to beaujolais.

  17. I would have to say winter.

  18. I love all of the seasons and the wines that go with them. I had never before pondered a favorite.
    But, as my true love are the cabs, I’d have to say winter, when it’s really cold, and I’m settled in for the evening with a good book, or a good show to watch.
    There is nothing better than that!

  19. I love summer for wine! Warm nights means lots of BBQs, picnics, and wine trips with friends. I’m a California girl, so I love casual get-togethers–on the beach, in the woods, the desert, wherever. And no gathering is complete without a delicious bottle of something new and local.

  20. I love enjoying the fall with a dark rose.

  21. Summer. Nothing cuts through the oppressive heat of the Deep South like a cool glass of white wine, and there are so many great choices other than chardonnay available these days. Our favorites this summer were the Broadbent vinho verde, Rocky Creek riesling, Riefle riesling, Nora albarino, Crios torrontes, and Dog Point sauvignon blanc. And Sancerre for hurricanes, of course.

  22. Summer is nice for Whites and Roses which I really enjoy.

    Now if I post for every season does my name get entered 4 times?


    Vancouver, Canada

  23. Autumn is my fave. Can finally pull out the reds and enjoy them with braised short ribs.

  24. I think by asking this question at this time of year, you are going to get most people saying Winter, but I love wine just before spring. It’s the time where you can still hold onto your heavy winter reds or you can start thinking new and fresh and switch to aromatic whites.

  25. Spring! Who doesn’t love a hearty red in the winter? But in the Spring, your senses are coming alive again, and your taste buds are ready for something new. Everything tastes cleaner, fresher, crisper. And there’s nothing like rose on an April day to get me ready for warmer weather!

  26. Of course I could find a reason,
    to sip one wine every season…

    But the best time to drink a delicious red wine…
    would definitely be in the winter time.

    pick me. i deserve that book with these poetry skills!

    So corny, but i want that book!

  27. All four seasons!

  28. My favorite season for wine is summer — partly because I have a penchant for Rieslings and sparkling wines, which go so well with summer fare and the weather, and partly because it means that picnicking works so well. A jug of wine, a loaf of bred, and thou, as it were!

  29. Fall is wine weather, even if there is always some excuse or another for a glass of wine. Hearty stews, roasted vegetables and meats cry out for ruby red wine with a backbone to it.

  30. Autumn, when the grapes come in.

  31. Late Summer or Fall in Seattle. It’s cool enough for any red, but still warm enough for white and rose.

  32. Yeah I’m lame: ALL. It’s true though, a crisp cold white in summer, a hearty robust red in winter, and everything in between!

  33. Summer – daylight lasts ’till nearly 10 p.m. and there seems to be more time to cook at home, relax, and experiment with new wines. I prefer the hearty reds, even when the weather’s warm.

    I’ve enjoyed your blogs about carbon footprint – much appreciated.

  34. Winter, absolutely!!!! It is the best time to curl up with a beautiful heavy red or a nice port and watch the snow fall. Plus, for me, it’s about the only redeeming factor about a season where the roads are crap and it’s freezing outside!

  35. I think I like fall best…the “summer” wines are still ‘allowed’ but so are the heavier winter wines. Not that I follow the rules necessarily, but it’s a nice excuse.
    But it really could just be my favorite season to drink wine in is whichever season we’re in. 🙂

  36. I’m a bit of a sucker and have to drink red and whites all year round!!!

  37. Fall, because of the smells that can be echoed in older wine. The early rot of autumn leaves can create a symphony of smells that combine earth, musty flowers, marzipan and some other inexplicable components that always lead my mind to old bordeaux, and sometimes vice versa. It is also the season that reintroduces an alibi to the fireplace, and certain seasonal meals.

  38. Chinese New Year, which I count as a ‘season’ because it lasts more than a week. I live on the 18th floor in downtown Beijing and on the first night there are at least eight hours of solid fireworks, with up to 30 or 40 separate displays along the city’s skyline. I pull up the sofa, crack open a few bottles, and enjoy the show.

    For a sample, here’s a video I took during the 2007 Chinese New Year:

    Cheers, Boyce

  39. Each season has it’s own delights, which the earlier posters have all touched on. I’m loving the current transition to “red wine weather”, drinking those wines that would have been just too heavy for summer. But, I also know that in the depths of February I’ll be looking forward to “rose weather”.

    Aha. The real answer just came to me. The best season for drinking wine is when a new Dr. Vino book is published!

  40. Right Now is my favorite wine season….., the weather is getting a little cooler, the leaves are turning, the winds whip up and rustle the branches and the scatter the fallen leaves. The air manages to smell clean, yet earthy at the same time. I crave Cru Beaujolais, Chinon, Red Burgundy, Rhone Syrah. These wines in my mind have a parallel to the early fall. I just wish this season lasted longer.

  41. Winter! Roasted meat and Barolo with nothing to do but be glad that you don’t have to go outside.

  42. Fall = Harvest = yum!

  43. Spring seems to be under-represented on this list, so that is my choice. Time to take the boat out of storage, and enjoy a delicious Riesling on it!

  44. late fall / winter

  45. each season being unique which allows you to enjoy different wines all year……so……I’ll take the whole year……

  46. “I love Paris in the summer, I love Paris in the fall…” The lyrics of this song apply equally well to my love for wine. Impossible to choose one season; they all have their intrinsic and irresistible charms. So my favorite is wisprsummall.

  47. The heart of winter. A nice red wine is delightful in contrast to the bitter cold.

  48. As a wine geek, all seasons. But to pick one, it would have to be Fall. A big red in front of a bonfire for me!

  49. After spending time in Provence, summer has become my favorite wine time–the smell of herbs in the air, light dishes flavored with local herbs and aioli, evenings filled with lingering light and warmth, and those wonderful rose wines from all over the local hills and vales of this wonderful wine region. It gets no better than that, Dr. Vino!

  50. My favorite time to drink wine is during the hottest and most humid days here in Virginia. Chilled white wines become my lemonade. I also love drinking warming reds on the chilliest of nights in the winter. Both are equally fantastic.

  51. Our family gathers each year in the country where we sing traditional carols, roast chestnuts, deck the halls with boughs of holly, and toast the moment with Petit Sirah. This is my favorite time of the year.

  52. Fall. Harvest time with a nice full Burgundy.

    (though I am jealous for any Northern Hemisphere season now, as I’ve been living in Brazil for the past year and it’s just not a wine-drinking climate here, any time of the year. I think wine is what I’ll miss the most when I leave!)

  53. A chilly evening in fall, with a glass of a hearty french red.

  54. autumn, nip in the air, casseolre in the oven (please don’t forget the norfolk dumplings) and a cork popping from a full bodied red ooh, piedmonte and cotes du rhone. gerrin!! norwich city 5(five) – wolves 2

  55. oh nearly forgot to mention barolo rissotto and its truffle season

  56. p.s. dr.vino found you by accident (sorry i’m a brit stuck in northern italy) fantastic site malto vivace ciao

  57. tenuta l’illuminata barbera d’alba 2004 just like this website a fantastic find

  58. Winter it is for me…more time indoors and longer hours in the kitchen spent on food/wine pairings…mmmmmmmmmmm..(hate to leave out the other seasons, though)

  59. Living in Brazil I have to say that winter is the best season for strong Cabernets and Syrahs. Pinot Noirs for mid-seasons and good roses for the summer. Whites when pairing calls for them. So it is an entire year of good drinking.
    Best Regards

  60. A northern Rhone Syrah on an autumn evening.

  61. Fall is my favorite wine season – the warm colors, the chill in the air, and the seasonal foods like truffles, game, roasted meats, mushrooms, all combine to make a wonderful backdrop for a lush and spicy red wine that warms you from the inside out.

  62. The perfect season for drinking wine is all year. If I have a bottle that needs to be tasted,tested or just tried, what difference does the time of the year make? The wine is still waiting to be explored. Cool refreshing whites in the heat and heavier reds in front of the fire are of course obvious choices. Trying out different food and wine combinations as the seasons change is always an experience.

  63. Summer! No “school nights” at all. (I teach.)

  64. My favorite season to drink wine is winter. Apres skiing, sitting by the fire, with a hearty beef and root vegetable stew–a delicious glass of full-bodied,herbally-aromatic,juicy,earthy, berry-licous Chinon…what could be better?

  65. Right now is my favorite drinking season – right now!
    When I’ve grown tired of the summer whites (although i DO love them)…and a great jammy juicy Oregon pinot noir really hits the spot.

  66. Definitely winter–hearty food, too cold to venture outside, and a glass of a big, bold red to warm me up.

  67. Probably fall. It’s starting to become red wine season, a lot of Italian wines are being released, and there are inventory clearance sales going on!

  68. fall = red wine weather after a summer of roses and whites

  69. This time of year when the sky is a delightful blue, the leaves on the trees are displaying their color and the air is crisp here in Pennsylvania. I love to open up those California cabernets and zinfandels that have been resting in the cellar waiting for the heat of summer to wane. It is now their time to emerge and welcome in autumn and the upcoming holiday season.

  70. My wife and I love the fall. The colors, and the chill in the air just lend themselves to a heightened sense and greater appreciation.

    congrats on the new book!


  71. Early Fall – The weather’s still warm enough that I can still drink whites, such as an oaky, buttery California chardonnay. Then graduate to the an earthy, silky Pinot/Burgundy, how about a nice Zinfandel for those days and evenings when we can still fire up the grill or even watching a football game! And of course, time to try the reds – Cabs, Bordeaux, Brunellos.

  72. This is a silly question: I like rose in the summer, pinot noir in the fall cabernet in the winter and sauvignon blanc in the spring.

  73. I love Pinot Noir @ Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday and my favorite beverage. Pinot and Turkey…mmmmmm.

  74. I love to drink a good hearty reds in the winter. I also enjoy Port during the winetr season. These are the wines that seem to chase away the winter blues as well as being a great alternative heating source for the body (in moderation). At the same time it will save on your heating bill and is eco-friendly.

  75. I love to drink a good hearty reds in the winter. I also enjoy Port during the wineter season. These are the wines that seem to chase away the winter blues as well as being a great alternative heating source for the body (in moderation). At the same time it will save on your heating bill and is eco-friendly.

  76. I was drinking a Cabernet sauvignon from Napa as I typed the above so sorry for the misspelling.

  77. I’d have to say late summer/early fall. In Chicago, September and October are usually the most beautiful months of the year; the change of the season brings a glorious change of colors, there are still many warm days (that we cling to!), Indian summer sets in, and my birthday also happens to be in September. Plus I have many happy memories of spending my birthday in wine country, savoring beautiful wines at the time of harvest. So while I enjoy wine year round, when September rolls around I get an even stronger urge to crack open a beautiful bottle of wine and toast yet another year.

  78. I favor drinking outdoors admiring the changing colors. I’m going w/ early fall.

  79. Definitely fall! You don’t have to worry about purchased wine getting too hot in the trunk!

  80. My favorite time of the year for wine is the holiday season, basically November through the beginning of the New Year. Thanksgiving and Christmas offer the opportunities to drink such varied styles many not normally consumed during the rest of the year. For example the frequency of dinner parties gives me the chance to have some of the spectacular Riesling Ice Wines from the Finger Lakes like Wagner Riesling Ice 2006 or a fancy North Fork Merlot like Wolffer Estates Premier Cru Merlot 2004 with Christmas goose. I know everyone has their favorites, but being a New Yorker, the local output seems to emphasize the “over the river and through the woods” feel of the season.

  81. I would have to say the winter. I am picturing a steak with some asparagus, big slices of tomato and a lovely robust red. Yum!

  82. Personally, winter is my favorite time of year to savor the luscious, hearty reds. They go well with any occasion: family and friends for dinner, sipping after a long, brisk walk in Central Park, and for absolutely no reason at all other than to savor another yummy red. Cheers!

  83. Congrats on your new book. My favorite is Spring to early Summer with a NZ Savignon Blanc
    (Villa Maria).

  84. When the weather reaches 50 degrees or lower, right as Summer turns into Fall. Winter is in general my favorite season for reds, but the anticipation and dread of a hot summer desensitizes the palate and makes you appreciate the depth of a red even more.

  85. After traveling through New Zealand last year, I’m a sucker for a crisp Central Otago or Marlborough region Sauvignon Blanc in the Summer and a nice fruit-forward Marlborough Pinot Noir for the Winter months.

  86. Fall….when the leaves are turning colors and you can sit outside with friends and enjoy the view and not sweat or freeze to death.

  87. I like the fall – the white wines I’m choosing are getting fuller and richer, and I’m seguing from the lighter bodied reds – burgandies and pinots up to the heavy dark cabernets as I’m starting to build fires in the fireplace. The only season when I feel like drinking all of the wines.

  88. Late Fall is my favorite – all the vegetables coming into season and as it gets cooler the braised meat dishes start to make an appearance and are wonderful on a cozy night with a deep red.

  89. While I love the heavy reds in the cold of Winter, heat gets to me far more than cold, so my vote goes to Summer with a nice chilled white wine on a hot day.

  90. It’s gotta be Summer, especially on Sundays.

  91. I would say winter, because I love to pair wines with holiday foods. For me that is hearty wines with hearty foods. The darker the red, the better.

  92. It’s that first sip of red which brings the blood into the cheeks and takes away the chill of the outdoors. It’s the way the fading light of the shortening days brings out the color of the red in the glass. For me, there’s nothing like drinking wine in the fall.

  93. I love to drink wine year round, but I do particularly enjoy the hearty dishes that soothe the soul in winter paired with a robust red.

  94. During “crush”, when the air itself is frothy with the smell of yeasty fermentation, adding to the flavor and enjoyment of whatever might be in one’s glass.

  95. […] daily email, or free monthly updates by email (right sidebar). Thanks for visiting!Thanks for the 94 comments sharing your favorite season for maximum wine enjoyment! I’m glad that the idea of changing […]

  96. Summer – and for us in NZ, it’s just around the corner!

  97. My favotite season is fall in late September or early October. Preferably at a a winery in the Finger Lakes region sitting on the deck overlooking the vineyards and the lake. Some cheese and bread make it all the more enjoyable and for my taste a bold red would be nice, but a dry white will also do. Oh yeah, got to have my swife enjoying the wine and atmopshere with me.

  98. […] Instead of traversing the familiar terrain of regions or grape varieties, I forge a new path by plotting a seasonal arc for wine consumption. This ties in to the way that I enjoy wine, by emphasizing the context of how, where, when (and with what and with whom) we drink wines, as well as linking to the trend of seasonal cooking that is so prevalent today among professional chefs and home cooks. I’m glad that this theme resonated with so many of you in our previous discussion. […]

  99. […] of which came to mind when I came across a blog post by one of my favorite wine bloggers, Tyler Colman, a.k.a. Dr. Vino, whose new book, A Year in Wine: Great Pairings, Great Buys, and What to Sip for Each Season comes […]

  100. With the cold weather settling in, I really enjoy hot toddies and other delightful drinks. Red wines also go nicely with hearty meals.


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