Playboy wines: a whiff of silicone, airbrush, and softcore tannins

The Wall Street Journal recently got in the act of selling wines. Now Playboy doesn’t want to be left, um, behind.

The magazine has collaborated to put “iconic images on a new limited-run collectors’ wine series,” according to a press release. Limited runs of wines will be “hand-chosen” by “credible master wine sommeliers who also were tasked with selecting the magazine cover that they feel best represents the flavor and taste profile of each wine.” Yikes, what an assignment!

But these are old wines in new, airbrushed wine skins with about 60 percent markups: The Schug Heritage Reserve Cabernet 2003 is easily available for under $50 (where to buy?) but with their label it is $86; the St. Supery Dollarhide Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 (where to buy?) is available for about $70 but with their label it is $112.

Their label for the Schug is particularly, erm, revealing; how did they get this by those dour, green-visored regulators at the Treasury Department? The “peel away” label no doubt helped. And to think that 1993 Mouton label by Balthus, a line drawing, was too much for them to approve.

After the jump, if you dare, click through for a comparison of the banned Mouton label with the current one from Playboy wines!

1993 Mouton (where to buy?) labels: Europe on the left, USA on the right

An offering from the new Playboy wines

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12 Responses to “Playboy wines: a whiff of silicone, airbrush, and softcore tannins”

  1. I’m sure glad the sommeliers who selected these wines are “credible.” Not respected, admired, or notable, but at least credible.

    I would also have accepted sommeliers who are plausible, conceivable, and “in the realm of possibility.”

  2. pretty cool. As an avid playboy reader and wine collector I’m signing up today

  3. Yeah, so given the amount of women out there buying wine, where are the beefcakes for us? I always welcome a stiff drink!

  4. This is nice partnership for the wines involved. Collectors and readers will consider the wines just for their association with the publication. The principle of this is no different than branding Yoplait yogurt with a pink ribbon; as a company align with causes and interests that touch people and they will come to you.

    What relationships haven’t been sparked by creating such common ground? Of course in this case, it’s not about cause as much as an interest in pin-ups.

  5. […] E certo, come potete vedere dall’immagine sopra, il 2003 Schug Heritage Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon ha ispirato una bionda che si strappa parte del vestito lasciando scoperto il suo c***! Se fanno questo effetto … I costi ovviamente non sono proprio tranquilli: ad esempio, il prima menzionato 2003 Schug Heritage Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon costa 50 dollari, ma quello con la bionda di playboy ne costa 86. Così come il St. Supery Dollarhide Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 costa normalmente 70 dollari, mentre con l’icona di un altra bionda affascinante lievita a 112,73 dollari (il rapporto dei prezzi lo ha fatto Dr. Vino) […]

  6. Their label for the Schug is particularly, erm, revealing; how did they get this by those dour, green-visored regulators at the Treasury Department?

    sexism’s always a good argument

  7. Oh, how cute, you can see her bottom right through her clothes. It’s almost like violating her privacy in real life, only–you know–she’s in on the joke. How droll and retro. (blech)

    While the Playboy label is considerably stupider, the Mouton *is* oddly disturbing. Is it supposed to be a naked child?

  8. While we are excited and very proud of our partnership with Playboy, we understood from the beginning that it would be somewhat controversial. Its a product that is specifically designed for Playboy Collectors and Wine Collectors. We appreciate all feedback and hope we can continue to market wines in new and innovative ways. Thank you and have a good evening. – Alex Andrawes CEO, Pervino Inc.

  9. […] here <link>. I’m not familiar with the wines in the range, but this blogger is <link> and here’s what they […]

  10. Sacre bleu! What next? Prosecco in a can with Paris Hilton on the front?

  11. Several people reading this blog have contacted me requesting press/scores on the 2008 Playboy Collector’s Series Wines:

    2006 Sette Ponti Oreno – 96 Wine Spectator (Top Wines of 2008 – #16)
    2006 San Guido Guidalberto – 92 Wine Spectator
    2005 Vilafonte Series C – Series M (a 2nd tier) got a 90 by Wine Spectator, Series C consistently gets 90-91 Pts.
    2005 RODA Cirsion 93 Pts by Wine Spectator
    2006 Groom Wine Maker’s Barrell Selection Shiraz (non-reserve got 91 pts by Wine Spectator)
    2005 Robert Craig Mount Veeder, not yet scored, but last three vintages 90-91 pts by Wine Spectator.

    Robert Parker’s scores are much in tune with these scores as well.

    Best regards,

    Alexander Andrawes
    CEO, President,,

  12. Dear Sir, Madam
    Being collector of labels of wines, I would like to ask you if he would be possible
    To receive 2 or 3 series of your labels playboy by paying them.
    By hoping that you will consider my demand.
    Receive Sir, Madam the expression of my best greetings.


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