The candidates and their wines – a Wine Politics giveaway

Last week we heard about the Palin syrah and because it’s organically grown in Chile, we knew it was the perfect wine for the veep wannabe, Sarah Paleen (as they say in Alaska, methinks). Check out reader Nate’s tasting note.

In anticipation of this Thursday’s debate (when we will need mucho vino), put your country first and decide which wine is best suited to each of the three other candidates! I already had my say during the primaries, so now it is your turn.

To sweeten the pot, I will be giving a away a signed copy of my book, Wine Politics: How Governments, Environmentalists, Mobsters, and Critics Influence the Wines We Drink, a book in which none of these four candidates is mentioned!

Post your pairings for the non-Alaskan candidates here in the comments. Friday after 3PM Eastern, check back to see the winner, selected at random. Everyone, to your snow machines!

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13 Responses to “The candidates and their wines – a Wine Politics giveaway”

  1. Joe Biden – Magnum Bottle of Robert Mondavi RESERVE Chardonnay, Magnum because for the working man he needs that extra kick, chardonnay because everyone can drink it and the reserve well just look at him you wouldn’t want the cheap stuff

    John McCain – California Old Vine Zinfandel, with all that raspy Tobaccyness, spicyness

    Barrack Obama – Wolfblass Shiraz, you think this is nice fruity, then you drink other wine and then go back and realized mmm this isnt that good

    The Joe Biden was the hardest for me


  2. McCain, 1936 – Amazing transformation in the glass, the wine started as a pleasant enough rose, only to steadily evolve into a noxious red, so dark, tannic, bitter, and devoid of fruit to pucker the mouth. By tasting’s end the remains of the glass were vinegar – and a vague whiff of tears.

  3. Biden – Pinot Gris. Easy, regular, not quite boring.

    McCain – Cigar Zin. You’d like it a lot, if it weren’t so crazy.

    Obama – Merlot. Because he’s just too easy to love.

  4. McCain: 1995 Beringer Rose. Wasn’t very good to begin with, now it doesn’t taste anything like it claims to, leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

  5. Portugal,
    Joe Biden – being Biden from huge Delaware, I would choose a wine from the little Luxembourg, a kind of Europe equivalent to Delaware: Jean Schlink 2003, rivaner.

    John McCain – I would suggest an old fashion and traditional wine from Rioja, over-wooded and over-aged, Vina Tondonia 1985..

    Barrack Obama – a Port definitively! Known and loved everywhere, trying to conquest young people while communicates to older people. Why not a Quevedo Port LBV 2003?!?

  6. Biden – Long Trout Wine (PA wine long on wind and hard to catch)
    Cosmic Charisma $10.00
    White (the chosen) grape blend Medium/Dry Available

    You may have a couple of good points, but this beauty has charisma. Like the rings of Saturn and Uranus – It’s cosmically delicious.

    Obama – Black Diamond Vineyards (IL Wine)
    Black Diamond Red – Red Table Wine (no bottle price listed on the website…how much will it really cost)
    This eye-opening bouquet is a prelude to subtle black cherry and currant undertones. Derived from the Chambourcin grape (is that really black or white), this semi-sweet red has an exotic finish.

    McCain-Echo Canyon Winery (Sedona, AZ Wine)
    The land here in our valley is beautiful and unique, with four geological layers of earth exposed, revealing thousands of years of history and change.

    2003 Cabernet Sauvignon • $39.99

    This is the 2nd in a series of Joe Beeler artist labels. Sadly Joe passed before the label was finished. However, he did partake of this rich wine with gorgeous mouth feel and great classic fruit. This wine is balanced with great tannins, flavor and great color

  7. Come on…you have to add an Alaska wine for Sarah-
    Denali Winery (AK)- Ice Wine $49.95

    Born in the land of the Midnight Sun comes “Gold In a Bottle”, Alaska Ice Wine. Our flagship product will surprise you with its body and complexity and comes in a unique iced wood box. Serve this wine chilled and sip slowly to cherish its special charms.

  8. Biden – Woodbridge Chardonnay – nothing fancy

    McCain – Chateau Margaux but not shared with anyone else a la Dick Nixon

    Obama – Pazo Senorans Albarino – modern, classic, popular

  9. McCain- Van Dalat Red Wine (for being a product of an extended stay in Vietnam)

    Obama- Welch’s Grape Juice (for the “lack of experience”)

    Biden- I don’t have a popular media-hyped trait to use for this guy.

  10. Biden: 06′ Mitolo The Jester Shiraz.Name says it all.
    McCain:06′ Tunnel Of Elms Cab Sav..Intriguing wine, but has some flawed lingering flavors.
    Obama: 01′ Meerlust Rubicon (S.A)
    Wine that ages well…

  11. Thanks for these contributions. Hope you all enjoyed last night’s spectacle.

    I plugged these into my favorite random integer generator,, and the winner is…#2 Michael! Come on down!


  12. Congrats damn I wanted the book! I smell a scandal, Ill need to do some investigating on a beer

  13. Great contributions, and luv those pics of the candidates! All lined up like that they look like quite a bunch.

    Here’s a 10-question quiz about the White House and wine. It includes some facts about the candidates:


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