Palin syrah, Colbert, Canada, auction mania — sipped and spit

SPIT: Pailn syrah!
An organically grown syrah from the Chilean producer, Palin (find this wine), was the best selling wine at Yield wine bar in San Francisco–until Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate. The case of mistaken identity has led sales to plummet. One patron suggested changing the tasting note on the wine list to “moosemeat, salmon, hint of gunpowder.” [Serious Eats]

SIPPED: Stephen Colbert
Speaking of the election, how could we make it through without Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Even though they both won Emmys last night, only one appeared to have wine at the afterparty! [Eonline]

SPIT: federalism
Canada gets the America treatment as inter-province shipping rears its ugly head. Oh, Canada! Hey, at least Ontario hasn’t made shipping Okanagan pinot a felony–yet. [Vancouver Sun]

SPIT: financial market turbulence
Hart Davis Hart, the Chicago based auction house, sold 100% of lots for $11.2 million in a single cellar, two-day sale over the weekend. And it wasn’t even Hank Paulson buying!

SIPPED: box wine
Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, box wine gets its first New Yorker cartoon feature with an enormous “Chateau de Costco” dominating the living room. [Cartoonbank]

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14 Responses to “Palin syrah, Colbert, Canada, auction mania — sipped and spit”

  1. As for the Palin (pronounced Pah-leen), as liberal as I am I find it insane that someone would make a non-existent association and NOT try a wine because it shares a name with someone I can’t stand! Stupidity knows no political boundries.

  2. As for the Palin (pronounced Pah-leen), as liberal as I am I find it insane that someone would make a non-existent association and NOT try a wine because it shares a name with someone I can’t stand! Stupidity knows no political boundries.

  3. really what do you say to people who stop drinking wine because of name then it is S. Fran home of the cool people with apple laptops eh?

    As for the Canada wine thing, Doesn’t effect me because I live in BC and wouldn’t buy Ontario wine (would order it if in a toronto restaurant) just saying I like my BC wines young still but gaining!

    A Kettle of Fish Restaurant
    Vancouver, Canada

  4. Democrats need to lighten up. What ever happened to irony? The Clinton winery in Hudson Valley, NY serves their wines at Republican events.

  5. Thanks for doing this again.

    Consumer psychology always does fascinating things and this is one of them. A name association can make a huge difference depending on the person’s values. I know I was reading on Catavino that for the same reason some people were interested in buying a wine named “Sexy” others said they would avoid it, thinking of it as merely a marketing stunt.

    Either way, the recommended tasting notes give me the chuckles.

  6. I think the last poster is more right on, though I have heard some conservative outrage over this one, [i.e. the “Democrats need to lighten up” line above]. The truth is that choosing a bottle, or even a glass, is usually something with more than a bit of whim in it, perhaps especially with the glass choice. In that case even the slightest off-putting association will drive a drinker to another choice. It is probably more mild unease than moral indignation. Though I suppose that it is also possible that some think that the Palin wine is a new one hoping to capitalize, in which case they would probably avoid it doubly, for connotation and for gross marketing overkill.

  7. Hi Michael,

    Conservative? I’ve been called worse!

    Let me expand on my previous comment:

    WE Democrats need to lighten up. I thought we were the smart party. Seriously, what ever happened to irony? Palin is a joke! Very few real conservatives would disagree. Drink Palin wine, eat Bush baked beans, live a little.


    Steve “proud to be a liberal” De Long

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  9. Spit a wine auction? Really? Granted, I am a big believer in the $15 bottle, but why not enjoy the spectacle of someone buying a case of DRC for 150,000? Listening in online and seeing what these lots go for is interesting, if nothing else. It makes my 30$ bottle of Brooks pinot seem down right affordable.

  10. I think Michael has it right — sales dropped because folks (with some reason, given the marketing techniques we’ve all seen) assumed that the wine’s name really was connected to the VP candidate. That doesn’t mean these folks are being silly, they’re just choosing not to support what they see as an overtly political marketing ploy. Remember, nobody said that folks who had tried and liked this wine stopped buying it (which might indeed be silly).

  11. My tasting note for Palin syrah:
    Pleasant appearance with uncommonly nice legs. The aroma is spicy and refreshing, but with a bit of time in the glass one begins to pick up nuances of bull manure. The taste is elusive; its producer seems to have manipulated it to taste like whatever most people want to taste. However, it was easy for this bottle to show well, as it was sampled alongside a leathery, unyielding 72-year-old Arizona wine.

  12. @andrew – it was the financial turbulence that was spit by the strength of the auction. They sure do love the unidentified bidder from Asia with paddle number 881–he bought half the Lafite on offer!

    @Nate – hilarious!!!!!

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  14. […] wine), a magnum of Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2007 (find this wine), and a bottle of the (in)famous Palin syrah (find this wine). The Champagne was very good and well received. The Lapierre was lighter than I […]


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