Hudson Valley Wine–or Hungary?

Just because Hudson Valley, NY is not the first location when you think of American–nay, New York–wine, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been growing grapes there for a long time.

The 28 wineries in Ulster, Dutchess, and Orange counties have launched a new web site to boost awareness of their new but old region. They claim “the country’s oldest vineyard can be found in the Hudson Valley,” dating back to 1677. Whoa! Them’s fightin’ words!

While the site offers itineraries, history and links to wineries, I have to wonder about the authenticity of one of the pictures. Consider this picture on the left, from their site. Compare to the photo that we pondered earlier on the right, which is a cellar in Hungary with the distinctive red banding on the barrels and the bare bulb illumination.

If the cellar depicted on their site is REALLY in the new/old Hudson Valley, then I will go to that winery and visit!

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8 Responses to “Hudson Valley Wine–or Hungary?”

  1. Nice to see the nod to the local region. If anyone is a fan of the Hudson River school of painting, you must drop by Benmarl soemtime forthe view alone. Long live, Seyval Blanc!

  2. Tyler,

    I think you called it.

    As I suspected: it’s a stock image:

  3. Wow, great eye Tyler and great detective work Arthur. It’s the exact same picture. I don’t understand it. Why would they use a stock photo on their site instead of the real deal?

  4. You obviously have never been to Brotherhood Winery.

  5. Hi HVwinegoddess,

    No, I haven’t been to Brotherhood. Is this photo from there? The link you provide doesn’t have a photo that exactly resembles the location in the image on the HV wine site. If it is there, then I look forward to checking it out myself!


  6. Tyler, HVwinegoddess:

    The photo that started this discussion is in fact from It was put up by someone in Europe. Red paint on the metal bands on barrels seems to be be quite unique to that part of Europe: Hungary, Slovakia, etc. It may be rooted in esthetic traditions or in practicality: paint prevents corrosion and those barrels look very old.

    The barrels in the caves at BW are very different.

  7. Brotherhood’s website is in transition. Here is a link that should view their cellar

  8. funny thing is that the Brotherhood cellars which look very similar where all built by Hungarian immigrants. Owner Cezar shared this story with me a long time ago and there are alot of cellars there that are closed off and extend down under the old manor house. There is millions of dollars being poured into that place and it is pretty cool to see the rebirth of America’s oldest winery.


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