Wine Politics – another media roundup!

wine politicsHere’s a quick roundup of some recent reviews and mentions of my new book, Wine Politics: How Governments, Environmentalists, Mobsters and Critics Influence the Wines We Drink. If you’ve already gotten the book, many thanks and let us know your thoughts!

John Mariani (who has a Ph.D. himself from Columbia) wrote a review on saying that the book “contain(s) so much history, data and anecdotes in a highly readable 144 pages.”

John and Dottie quoted from the book in their Friday column in the WSJ!

The Times Higher Education Supplement says that it “exposes a little-known but influential aspect of the wine business: the politics behind it.”

Blogger Jeremy Parzen, Ph.D. generously calls it “required reading“!

And Tom Wark, involved in the day-to-day workings of wine industry politics as the head of the Specialty Wine Retailers’ Association, wrote on his blog that “A book of this sort is so long overdue and I had been looking forward to it with such great anticipation that I nearly wet my pants when it finally arrived at my door.” Then he said some other stuff that is too nice to reproduce here so you’ll have to visit his blog, Fermentation, for the rest of his write up.

The signings in Oregon were fun–it was great to meet some blog readers for the first time. Thanks for the continued interest in Wine Politics and your support!

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8 Responses to “Wine Politics – another media roundup!”

  1. Congratulations, Tyler! I just received my shipping notification and I’m looking forward to reading your perspective on a subject that I have much to learn about.

  2. Congrats on the book, Tyler! I’ve so enjoyed your wit and insight here on Dr. Vino, I’ll look forward to picking up the book.

  3. It’s on my wish list. Bona fortuna!

  4. Look who’s #1 on’s bestselling new & future releases in Wine:

  5. Thanks to those who have ordered it. Let us know your thoughts!

    Duarte – thanks for pointing that out! How great! As I mentioned earlier, the publisher is a non-profit (University of California Press). So glad the word is getting out!

  6. Tyler, read your book in France this week while on vacation in the Southwest. Loved the malbec. Very underrated in the US. Your book raised many interesting points. The politics that is occuring explains why there is such a spurt of smaller distributors who are finding many value priced gems. It’s really ashame that at the time of the release of your book that the law in Illinois went into effect limiting our access to wine. Personally, I do not subscribe to any wine clubs and only have used out of state purchases for those wines which I could not find in Chicago which despite our access still does occur. I can only hope it goes the way of the foie gras laws.

  7. I’ve finished the book this morning, a nice and interesting reading, but I think the title promises a bit more than the book can give.
    Dr Colman, I’m waiting for WP II.


  8. John and Dottie are amongst my favourites, and I saw the plug. Congrats – you’ve made it!


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