Where in the wine world are we? Arid edition

mystery vineyard

A reader sent in this photo from his trip to the region in February. Where in the wine world was he? As a sort of hint, he said this vineyard was planted in a long-dormant volcano.

UPDATE: Adam is correct! This photo is from the Golan Heights where site reader Avi Hein said that he saw this vineyard of gewurztraminer! He wasn’t sure which winery it belonged to but I thought it was a cool picture to see this off-the-beaten path region. You can check out other photos from his time there on Flickr.

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19 Responses to “Where in the wine world are we? Arid edition”

  1. vicinity of Naples ?!? .. the first mention of long-dormant volcano just bring Mount Vesuvius to mind! this is long shot. I dont have a knowledgeable opinion on this one.

  2. Looks a little bit like the area around Yakima, WA…which has a great view of Mt. St. Helens.

  3. Looks like Deer Park on Howell Mountain just outside of St. Helena, California in the Napa Valley.

  4. My vote’s for Washington.

  5. Mt Etna, Sicily?

  6. Hawaii?

  7. Greenbay, WI

  8. Spain

  9. Vesuvio Italy

  10. Looks like Greece to me.

  11. My vote goes also to Vesuvio, near the lost city of Pompey… Naples

  12. Naples!

  13. Fascinating guesses! Makes me want to check out a few of those other places mentioned.

    Anyway, nobody is within a few hundred miles of the location yet. Alternative names for this round might have been “ethnic partition edition” or “falafel edition.”

  14. Well thats sad…with your new hint it is clearly Lebanon or Israel.

  15. Zohan edition!

  16. Becaa Vally, Lebanon?

  17. Valley, that is (should have spell-checked!). If we’re not in Musar land, perhaps the Golan Heights in northern Israel

  18. Adam, we have a winner! The Golan Heights it is! Congratulations! For details, see the update to this posting.

  19. Great insight guys. I love wine talk.

    Kyle Schindler
    The Grape and Bean LLC


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